Will Mahathir Be Cursed In The Island He Made?

Mahathir is ready for Langkawi, is the island going to reciprocate.

It’s been seven hours since arriving in Langkawi, but the best conversation I’ve had so far was with my Grab driver to KLIA2.

We vote in the same parliamentary seat, the hail ride contractor. She said many of her friends are inclined to Pakatan Harapan, and then segued into her area was a PAS-stronghold. Which led to the obvious question.

Hulu Langat has had the same MP, Cikgu Rosli for ten years. He is from PAS but this election he will be opposed by his old friends from Pakatan, by way of a PKR candidate. And it that is not enough, there is the PSM candidate to turn the intrigue from troubling to completely nuclear. Cikgu Rosli is not a pondok teacher, he used to be an academic in the National University of Malaysia (UKM) researching on…nuclear energy.

All of them, even before discussing the BN candidate.

The question to her was, my Grab driver, if her area is likelier to vote PAS, how will that help the Pakatan candidate, is the vote split bad for both PAS and Pakatan, and will only help the BN candidate?

She had no answer. She looked surprised and despite going to be a second time voter it had not dawned upon her how the vote splits would affect the seat. Or even if now voting for PAS is not the same thing since they have split.

It’s evening in Langkawi, and I am hoping for some answers tomorrow.

Saturday is Nomination Day.

Mahathir & Langkawi

Langkawi’s district and land office, where history readies itself for tomorrow.

To sense the mood on the ground about what my travel partner referred to as Mahathir Mohamad’s last time to submit his candidacy paper. Last time to possibly be an elected representative. Last time for his opponents to see him stumble and fall spectacularly, together with the hopes and aspirations of all the parties under Pakatan.

Would it be scenes of rejuvenation or a stark reminder of his age?

Till the late 1980s, Langkawi was truly a backwater. Today with it’s international airport and beaches filled with a rainbow of colours made of people from all over the world, it is difficult to discount Mahathir when he is seeking support from his successful guinea pigs.

Word was, the Curse of Mahsuri — relegating the island to failure for seven generations of bad fortune —  was lifted by Mahathir’s vision.

Many things will be found out tomorrow. Sure, Election Day confirms winners, but Nomination Day sets the tone for the campaign.

We are hoping to get more than a whiff of the election result when we get to the Langkawi district and land office in the morning where together with Mahathir, his opponents will be failing their papers.

It’s about to start. And it also means the countdown to the end of Mahathir’s last election.

LIMA, Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition, a Mahathir era product which puts Langkawi on the map.

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