Selangor MB Mystery Continues

There are 56 legislative seats in my home state Selangor.

Half of those seats were won by PKR in the last election. But if we need to be pedantic about, PKR won 51 as Amanah (5), Bersatu (5) and DAP (13) candidates stood under the Keadilan emblem.

They received their Surat Watikah (Candidature Letter) from PKR President Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

In all 56 contests, the Keadilan choice was present.

The frontrunner, Shaharuddin Baharuddin?

With the exception of five seats, Umno (4) and PAS (1), the people were in the majority with the Keadilan. That’s a lot of people to favour one coalition in a state. It’s the strongest win in any state this past election.

I say all this because, the state will have a new mentri besar next month, with the departure of Azmin Ali, but there is no control over the matter for PKR. As in the name the new MB. Continue reading “Selangor MB Mystery Continues”

Public Policies Suffer From Toxic Racism

Bad policies don’t bring us home.

Race is overemphasised in how power is delegated in Malaysia.

Notice the developments.

Mahathir Mohamad’s main lieutenant Daim Zainuddin had to reassure the Malay Contractors’ Association.

A group, in the guise of a collection of NGOs, has urged the government to not go down the local elections route, because it might mean non-Malay mayors.

Anwar Ibrahim has since his release spoken about how Malays have to be comforted in these new hazy dizzying days. Continue reading “Public Policies Suffer From Toxic Racism”

PAS: The Clear and Present Danger

Always the leader of men heading to the past. PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang.

I was wrong predicting a Barisan Nasional (BN) victory in the past election, but I was not wrong about Pakatan rejecting PAS.

While I said,Pakatan can win without PAS, if they are clear about their value proposition and work on the ground long enough as separate from the Islamist, I was not convinced either of those conditions were met, adequately.

Which is why I thought BN would edge ahead in a three way.

I was exceedingly wrong about it, the people of Malaysia proved that they already had enough reasons to reject BN and at the same time able to distinguish between a vote for Pakatan and PAS. Continue reading “PAS: The Clear and Present Danger”

Umno, Just Like My Grandma

Police removing bags, presumably with money and luxury goods in them from one of Najib’s residences.

“Our former president had sourced the funds prior to GE14 and was managing it,” said Zahid Hamidi, the acting president of Umno.

I sourced the quote from Umno’s own New Straits Times, so that we are absolutely sure, that Zahid is not misrepresented. Thor be shamed, if we ever misspeak of the fallen Umno leaders.

He was of course referring to the police seizure of RM130 million in cash and about RM200 million in gems from premises linked to Najib, the report went on to detail. Continue reading “Umno, Just Like My Grandma”

Local Councils Are Critical To Cement Our Democracy

Well done, willing to take on the job to bring back local elections, Zuraida.

Speaking truth to power: Malaysians have been cheated of power at the critical point of our real interests, by the lack of local elections for over fifty years.

It is not sexy, local politics, but at the lowest level is where the plainest and most connectable engagement of power occurs.

It’s not all rosy, though.

Here is an admission that goes with it: Local elections will demand more participation from residents, bring the prevailing toxic resident association politics to the fore and force a prolonged process of adjustments.

It will inevitably reduce staff numbers at all the councils, and collapse the enforcement culture adopted by them. Say goodbye to the horses owned by Kuala Lumpur City Hall! Continue reading “Local Councils Are Critical To Cement Our Democracy”

Freak Of The Week

Jamal went too far when he got beer involved. The Umno division chief breaking beer bottles outside the Selangor Government Building, October 2017

At the pace things are moving in the country, citizens who turn off their smartphone for an hour, risk missing an earth-shattering moment in Malaysian history. It’s just gripping stuff.

So perhaps for these weeks to come, where so many are hyperventilating with each development, we’ll need a Freak of the Week.

Who shall we pick? Continue reading “Freak Of The Week”

Guan Eng & Arul (Two Malaysian Kids Growing Up In The Heart Land)

The new finance minister, very different from the old one.

Lim Guan Eng could have held back the punches.

It was beneath the office to call Arul Kanda “utterly dishonest and untrustworthy”.

1MDB is under major scrutiny from multiple government agencies, mainly law enforcement, and therefore the minister of finance, could have oozed class.

[Still, better than the kiss-up statements from MOF before this general election]

Look, the man has served jail time, harassed by the government and perpetually prosecuted in court and life, so I am going to say, it’s a lot of restraint not to have gone ballistic when offered the opportunity. Continue reading “Guan Eng & Arul (Two Malaysian Kids Growing Up In The Heart Land)”