The love hate BN media circus is in full flight

Only BN can believe they can threaten and charm the people at the same time, and the rakyat will take no umbrage from it.

Since May started, the attack ads have popped up, but so have the softer youth campaign for votes.

They apparently want the young to be hip and worldly, captivated by the BN-aligned NegaraKru channel, and then remain angry and wary about Pakatan Harapan as in with GK14. 

The former is about loving your nation as it is great because it has not changed political leadership. I have to admit, the opening is lovely. And it has notched up just for the video 806,000 view in just two days.

And the latter, the negative campaign by GK14 centres around the DAP. One of these days, there will be something horrible to happen to DAP leaders, and surely campaigns like these must take responsible for the harm they may eventually bring.

If both campaigns are equally successful on most young people, it would result in dysfunctional youth who have a chirpy way of looking at hate, not unlike the lads in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. Incidentally, the author of the book, Anthony Burgess, which the film is adapted from served as a teacher in the Malay College, Kuala Kangsar. It is unsurprising he understands society gone wrong terminally.

The point will not be lost, while the charm offensive tries to mask its intentions and goes for Inception inside the minds of voters, and the hate channel goes for a naked attack on Pakatan Harapan, and never too far away the reference to DAP.

I wonder if they consider the long term repercussions of the hate, the unadulterated hate, mind you for one Malaysian for another. It is not that hate is only local, but when hate is seeded inside the space the hater and the hated  co-exist, it’s not healthy. It’s not right.

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