Cruelty Is Power, Malaysia 2018

Malaysians general view of power is startling. It reminds me of Frederick Douglass when he talked about slaves in the old American south.

Slaves were found to fight each other to defend the honour of their slave-owners. They’d fight to ensure the man who owns them as property is not wrongly judged.

As slavery is abhorrent with no redeeming quality, it is easier to argue against. Not so, the various forms of shackles placed upon men in varying shapes of social structure, culture and religion over the millennia to protect the divinity of power.

To imbue in men that this serfdom is desirable.

It’s an amazing lesson in how after thousands of years through a multitude of social pyramid structures, deep inside, cruelty is a sign of strength to many. As in to the victims themselves.

They can’t even think of it as cruelty, it is to them strength. The serfs believe it is the state of nature.

Here we are on the eve of elections and I can see people arguing in the weirdest manner.

I guess if so many weird premises have been accepted through social conditioning, how can one escape it, unless ripping the wires off?

Perhaps before we have election reform we need people reform. But I suppose with election wins, they get to control what kind of reform or debilitation they can inflict on the populace. And therefore people reform is impossible without election wins, seemingly.

The circular nature of the problem haunts me.

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