Hey Tony, We Love The Country Too

Screenshot of the video negarakru backing the prime minister and BN

Dear Tony,

It is not new for you to back the Barisan Nasional government, even back in 2008 you were stumping for them.

It is bloody murder if you are in corporate Malaysia and dare support anyone other than BN, so I can understand why corporate leaders like yourself stand behind the establishment.

Actually, I don’t understand. I struggle to understand why defending BN is assumed to be a patriotic position. No party owns Malaysia, and if a party owns Malaysia, be careful what you will reap in the end.

Before I get stuck into the issue of a standard AirAsia plane decked in BN blue, let’s recognise AirAsia for what it is.

It has changed Malaysia. The low cost travel has enabled millions of Malaysians to reconnect, even if its tentacles now are festooned across the continent. For Malaysians, it is about the Sarawakian kid in a Peninsula campus not limited to a single return flight every year on MAS, but rather the option to come home for Gawai. The one flight ticket has much meaning to a whole community.

So yes, while you and your team raked in a modest fortune over the decade, you have improved lives, immensely.

But I want to zero in on one thing you said in the video, right at the start, when AirAsia was a two plane company, you felt the whole world was against AirAsia.

And that is the issue in a nutshell, to feel you are up against it. In Malaysian politics, for the average opposition party supporter for decades it has been up against it, there are no breaks in this system.

The game is gamed and victory is for the incumbent to keep.

All the free time hundreds of thousands of Malaysians give to the cause ends up with no payback, and in a certain way, it was never meant to have a payback.

That’s a harsh way to be involved in politics.

If the PM, as you say, puts the people first, why forget members of the opposition are also the people of this country? Don’t they get a fair go, a fair run, a fair chance to offer themselves to govern?

Can they not be defeated before the whistle is blown or aircraft control gives take-off permission?

Najib Razak is not at war with foreign invaders or a national disaster, because if that is the case then all Malaysians will band together with you to uphold the nation.

Najib Razak is making his fellow Malaysians look shallow, deceitful and nasty, when all they want to do is serve, just like he is. How can other patriots, if he considers himself a patriot first and foremost, be the enemy of our democracy?

They can be enemies of the policies adopted by the government of the day, but surely that is about competition. And that too is what Najib espouses as a rallying cry, that he wants Malaysians to be competitive.

Finally, while passengers are benefiting from the existence of AirAsia, the airline also benefits from the passengers — even if the non-BN crowd don’t afford as many tickets as the BN folks do. So why not fake neutrality, just a bit.

Because in the trenches, organising a campaign on nothing, and hoping for everything, it really truly is the experience of feeling the whole world is against you.

Just trying to remind you that you have more in common with those patriots trying to offer an alternative narrative for the country. That a country, or economy, or industry, should not be a monopoly.

That to fight for your ideas to propel the country forward, is not treasonous. It’s an amazing act of patriotism.

Passenger 8D


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