A new MB for Selangor?

Quick change in Selangor after election day? Seems like it.

With the swearing-ins fresh and the general public coming to terms with the new line-ups at the federal and state levels, there may be a shake up in Selangor.

With MB Azmin Ali named as economy minister, his shift to Putrajaya will likely see him vacate Shah Alam.

Azmin may be eager for the joys a national job can offer while being circumspect about losing the plum job of driving the richest state in Selangor.

Though, it may be softened by the fact the Selangor economy may rely more on the direction of a federal economy minister than a MB, so he stays affecting Selangor and thirteen other states.

So, who’d be his replacement?


Firstly, it will be from the 27 other PKR Aduns, besides Azmin, in the state. Having won half the state’s seat, PKR is at it’s zenith in the state synonymous with the party.

The other 23 Pakatan Harapan Aduns are expected to support PKR’s choice, if they choose a new MB.

Also, Azmin this week shed, seventy percent of the old exco line up, only Amiruddin Shaari remain.

But the likelier candidate is PKR vice-president Dr Shaharuddin Badaruddin, who was just named into the exco as head of the important Islamic Affairs portfolio, along with education, human capital, science, technology and innovation.

The frontrunner, Shaharuddin.

His belated move from Kota Anggerik to the ultra-safe Seri Setia as candidate, exhibits his value to the party leadership, and with Azmin departing, all roads lead to Rome for him.

However, expect the Azmin faction to champion Amiruddin.

The younger man has already served and with the majority in the state below 35 years old, why not have faith in youth. With a strong mandate of 51 seats for Pakatan in Selangor, there would be less interference and perhaps Selangor would want bolder choices.

So, if Amiruddin is picked, it would be reminiscent of a young Khir Toyo from Umno decades ago when reshuffles let the dentist picked from obscurity as the compromise candidate.

In the queue behind Shaharuddin, youth exco Amiruddin Shaari.

Amiruddin has had a mixed tenure as youth and sports exco over 2014-2018, in that there is a feud between the Selangor football association and the Shah Alam Stadium board.

Resulting in Darul Ehsan Facilities Management (DEFM) Sdn Bhd, a state-owned company under Menteri Besar Incorporated (MBI), took over stadium management at the start of the year.

Expected outcome

I suspect Shaharuddin will be given the nod, with the blessings of both the party president, and de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Mindful too, this may have been intended when Azmin’s name was thrown into the federal hat.

Good luck, Azmin, but back in Selangor, it will not be an easier job for his replacement, to manage the diverse state.

With the excuse of an obtuse federal government applying pressure absent, the new MB will have to deliver, raising Selangor to the next level. For example, the water problem won’t be tainted by an interfering forces related to the federal government anymore.

So with friends in Putrajaya and the whole of West Semenanjung Pakatan controlled states trying to compete against each other, Selangor has to forge ahead.

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