Freak Of The Week

Jamal went too far when he got beer involved. The Umno division chief breaking beer bottles outside the Selangor Government Building, October 2017

At the pace things are moving in the country, citizens who turn off their smartphone for an hour, risk missing an earth-shattering moment in Malaysian history. It’s just gripping stuff.

So perhaps for these weeks to come, where so many are hyperventilating with each development, we’ll need a Freak of the Week.

Who shall we pick?

The reluctant assemblymen

There are 10 Umno assemblymen in Perlis and therefore in a legislative house of 15 only, they are like two-thirds. Whoo-hoo, the best yield for Umno in any state. Except, two weeks down the line, there are more and more questions on the future of Perlis. There’s a man sworn in as mentri besar, but the other nine, the ones which supposedly help him form a two-thirds majority, don’t want to have him as mentri besar. They said, pick any of the nine to be mentri besar.

If Umno thought it had reached the nadir of ridiculous, it gets reminded that bottom is limitless. The hashtag #perlisissosmall is not going away anytime soon.

The paparazzis outside the mansion

The men and women counting who goes in and leaves the former prime minister’s home. A real shout out to them as by just naming who did visit Najib Razak, or that the Pekan MP has left the house, becomes news of massive interest. The speculating never ends, and the source would be reporters driven mad just waiting for these moments in otherwise dry days of wait.

“Can we have our money back?”

Zahid, says the party could use the cash support.

The ex-president of Umno, Najib, has been storing stockpiles of cash at his abodes. He claims they were funds for the general elections.

Malaysians appear completely unmoved.

In lieu of the claim, the present acting president of Umno, Zahid Hamidi has asked police to hand the dosh over to them.

Fortunately, the police are unmoved by the ex-pm, the ex-dpm or the jokes. OK, maybe by the jokes.

Jamal Yunos can’t even rest in bed

The Red Shirts leader, must be gladdened there is water at the Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital, where he rests after a police remand.

Unfortunately he can’t wash away his misfortunes as the police have charged him with being a nuisance last year outside the Selangor secretariat.

No, this was not the time he went there covered only by a towel, it was the other time. When he smashed “alleged” bottles of beers.

Insane caller bugs show

You get all kinds in this world. In Malaysia, there are the special kinds. Permatang Pauh MP Nurul Izzah was accosted by a phone caller during an online show today.. Apparently, looked at from a certain angle, the tudung wearing third-time MP was showing too much.

I’d not get into what he thought he was saw, but can I just say to Azrul, wherever he may be, I can understand why he struggles with life, constantly.

I also have a sense of which party he votes for, and that pretty much explains the predicament this country has, to indulge the Azruls of the world or to say let Malaysians live their own lives under the protection of the federal constitution.

Arul Kanda knows nothing

Arul, running out of words these days.

That’s the take home from the interview the 1MDB president had with the finance minister. Apparently everything happened before him, or that he was not made aware of several key things, or that he is on leave currently.

That did not quite stop him from championing the old regime by saying most people misunderstand 1MDB.

It was all so rosy before May 9, but now he has to permanently abandon his hopes to run Khazanah, an hope where his detractors want to send him, he’ll have open space to run.

Drum roll, please

And the winner is…I’ll have to go with Jamal. Arul won’t be leaving the headlines anytime soon. The bully, Jamal, is on his own after all his strutting, acting all above the law. Where are his red shirt dudes, screaming for his release? It appears its not fun when the sponsors have disappeared. But no one forced him to go full retard. So to Jamal, the Freak of the Week.

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