Azmin And Selangor Deserve A Clean Break

Which hat is on today, Azmin?

The question is not whether Azmin Ali has been a great administrator or the Genghiz Khan of managers. It is clear he should not hold a position in the Selangor government. He is the economy minister, now. He should do that, and not complicate his governmental brief.

Which is why, it is such a misjudgement. He chose to leave Selangor government, and head to Putrajaya, and he should honour his own decision.

He picked Amiruddin Shari to replace him, and Selangor has to get on with it, with the new MB and his crew. Continue reading “Azmin And Selangor Deserve A Clean Break”

The Selangor Power Mess

The Johor born MB of Selangor, Amiruddin Shari

To say it stinks, it would be kind.

In the same day, Selangor swears in its new mentri besar, a challenge is already underway.

Before that an advisory.

I wants to say two things, firstly, I have no mentri besar preference. So I can’t be arsed about the camps, but really, seriously, do it openly without drama. Continue reading “The Selangor Power Mess”

Umno President Death Race

Used to be a huge deal, the Umno general assembly, but this season RTM is busier showing the World Cup.

Everyday #MalaysiaBaru offers political writers enough fuel power a space rocket, and at this rate, all the way to Pluto.

Hitherto, in 72 years of existence, a total of *four men have ever challenged for the Umno presidency, otherwise incumbents or the anointed ones win without a contest.

The all so famous “Umno” no contest culture.

Today, ** seven men dare to defy the culture, and vie for the overall leadership. Continue reading “Umno President Death Race”

Enter, The Civil Servants

Loke at his ministerial office in Putrajaya.

The minister unceremoniously ended a PEMANDU contract, and brought the sledgehammer down on a culture of outsourcing.

The task, purportedly for a series of columns in the country’s largest circulated newspaper, The Star.

Obviously, ministry was paying an offensive amount to a private company to write op-eds.

It was telling the minister added that he is able to handle the media on his own, and needs no minders.

What can be learnt from this episode?

Great news in terminating the contract. Continue reading “Enter, The Civil Servants”

Cabinet Members, Welcome To The Future

The people, in the room, and they are not leaving.

Some are unhappy with some ministers, some are not enthused with the decisions of the prime minister and others are unsure what the future economy holds for them.

These are great findings!

Parties or coalitions which head a system of government are not infallible, they only offer leadership direction. On a fixed mandate which requires renewal.

The difference between an absolute government and one just popularly elected is that the former is impudent, as natural extension of its omnipotence. Continue reading “Cabinet Members, Welcome To The Future”

The Approaching Frost

What did they vote for?

I have news for a lot of people I know.

If they felt it would be a walk in the park, this reformation process, they have to be kidding themselves.

Social change is by its definition drastic and volatile. It involves people, and nothing happens seamlessly when it comes to people.

That’s why the new government promised so damn much. They did so, because if they did not, there would not be enough reasons to change the previous government, even if by the day, more and more people, far more than the sixty-four percent of voted against Barisan Nasional are saying that they actually always thought regime change was long overdue. Continue reading “The Approaching Frost”