The Approaching Frost

What did they vote for?

I have news for a lot of people I know.

If they felt it would be a walk in the park, this reformation process, they have to be kidding themselves.

Social change is by its definition drastic and volatile. It involves people, and nothing happens seamlessly when it comes to people.

That’s why the new government promised so damn much. They did so, because if they did not, there would not be enough reasons to change the previous government, even if by the day, more and more people, far more than the sixty-four percent of voted against Barisan Nasional are saying that they actually always thought regime change was long overdue.

Yes, they thought. They did not vote that way, or even register to vote, but they always had that impression.

That’s how people are. They want immediate gratification which usually can be met in the form of insane promises and they are always willing to back a winner. Winning is a disease people generally want to contract.

The pm in his Perkasa days, oh, how things change.

The reason why change struggles to kick start often is because of the readily available ignorance. And it’s cousin, indifference.

But here were are, and these things lie ahead.

Opportunists. There are many people lining up. They realise two things politicians crave for, attention and adulation, and they have come prepared, these fans. Reading the effusive lines they mouth off freely about the new leadership is vomit-inducing but I fear it does little damage to their chances. Why? Here’s a bit of the inside track.  While the politicians on top know that they are being courted, they like the courting.

It’s nice being wanted.

A sweet lie is far more enticing than the sobering truth.

And if pride is just a five letter work easily replaced by power, then they will joust for whatever is available. Scratch and gorge out eyeballs of former BFFs, if they must.

Heroes with their false modesty. One annoying thing about Malaysian politics is the desire for many to be reluctant heroes. Politics is about power, and there are rarely reluctant heroes. At times crises are jump-started by interested parties in order to make X number of them critical to the cause. No one has come to praise Ceasar, they just want to bury him. Over the next months there will be constant “problems” which under the surface are just storms in teacups blown to major proportions in order to induce the need for “intervention” or call for a certain person’s “role”.

They will constantly tell the people that such and such is a “do or die” situation when it is not.

Most government work is boring and repetitive, the drama is man-made. Follow the interest or paybacks to know why we are drowning in power intrigues.

Still, for the now, it is the time of appeasers.

For now.

They need tough choices made today, so they’d have a chance.

Because, the difficulties will mount and those without the durability or endurance will wilt under the sheer pressure of the situation.

Today, every civil servant is agreeable to the hilt, in three months, they might not be as indulging.

Everything will be either complicated or difficult or both.

The situation with a myriad of issues, of insufficient well-paying jobs for an army of graduates; the low investment in health and education, let alone the hard decisions to improve the efficacy of health and education; renewing the future of Borneo, which includes actually passing them more of their oil money; and the challenge of proceeding with an egalitarian society rather than one about exceptions in order for us to belong to the 21st Century, persists.

It won’t end merely by feeding the public with short term gains, court dramas and over the top pontifications.

For now, these points are easy to be cast aside. They might not be when we draw closer to 2019.

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