Will Rosmah Melt?

Rosmah, always in charge, always in power.

In the hours to come, Rosmah Mansor goes to meet the anti-corruption investigators at their offices.

It’s regarding her and SRC International.

A country waits in anticipation.

While Najib Razak, has been the real centre of the developments for the last three weeks, the hush is far more pronounced with what will come today.

Najib’s rap sheet, let’s review it.

In summary,he lost spectacularly the election for the coalition his late father formed, became the first prime minister to resign the Umno presidency in the aftermath of an election (questions remain about the Abdul Rahman departure in 1969) and was the head of the constantly maligned 1MDB company.

Yet, so many rather give an arm and a leg to know which handbag the former prime minister’s wife will be putting on display.

Behind every investigated former PM is a wife, I suppose.

Because none of them cheap. And I suppose Rosmah rather admit to the bags being expensive rather than lie about them being fake. Better jail than being cheap.

After all, investigations are temporary, but fashion is forever.

They may have dragged out 284 handbags from her residences but the Malaysian public is absolutely convinced it takes more than truckloads of cops to clean out the Rosmah accessory collection.

It may be an overkill to mention Marie-Antoinette, but that’s precisely how her critics see her.

Why so?

It is her extravagance.

Never before has a prime minister’s wife showcased her wealth as much as Rosmah, and more famously, her methods to reject her detractors are legendary.

“Yes, there was a necklace, but it’s not that necklace you are thinking of.”

“Perhaps it is, but I’m just putting it on, it’s not really mine.”

“Oh, they sold it, well, I been saving money since I was a child.”

“Right, it’s US$27 million. Well, well, there is good explanation for it. But can all you commoners keep quiet up for now?”

So yes, she might have been better off owning US$100 million worth of property than showing off jewellery on her. Something about it, upsets people.

Something about wearing your wealth on you.

The RM5 question

As the cops roll out the collection of cash, bags and jewellery from the Najib family residences two weeks ago.

With 70% of Malaysian households earning RM3,000 or less per month, maybe a green note is good enough for the bet.

What’s the bet?

Will she crack when questioned by the investigators?

It would be priceless, even more than diamonds, for the public to see her shred to bit as she walks out. It would be the World Cup Final, before the World Cup Final, if you know what I mean. Her crying would be akin to lifting the trophy.

Oh, the goosebumps!

This obviously, is what can be picked up from social media reactions so far.

I have to remind people, it is still a ways off for a charge sheet to be processed, let alone a conviction for either Najib or Rosmah.

I mean, there is no attorney-general to prepare the documents.

Yet, the regular people are baying for blood.

I look forward to the video footage when she leaves the investigators.

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