Easy Question

Voters on polling day, they deserve love.

Look, are we a country?

There are so many questions being posed that it appears there is no prioritisation of them.

At times, it appears all questions have the same worth, and would that mean in extension, all answers are equal?

But they are not.

So, before answering, consider what they mean, or what the first question means.

Because the easiest thing to do is to be all populist and say yes and not take the answer seriously.

Answers matter, far beyond their articulation.

In Malaysia, there is a government in place, and with it arise so many questions about its ability to govern.

However, cloaked as a question about the government is a separate inquiry.

It is so misleading.

Outisde the Batu 9 school in Cheras, Hulu Langat. The students can’t keep living on what to fear.

Governments, manage schools and hospitals, keep the traffic lights working and regulate a bunch of stuff, like price, exploitation, rights and freedoms.

When seen in the granular form they are immense.

It’s hard enough to solve those problems, without having to ask over and over the other question without a satisfying answer.

Because, if we are a country, then maybe, just maybe, we have to stop making it a thing to ask whether we are safe having each other around.

The easiest way to power is to tell people they have things to fear, and to that end these pretenders set course to display their prowess by detailing all the reasons to be fearful.

Of how some Malaysians are out to ruin the lives of other Malaysians, but wait, they assure — however while these destroyers are — they are there.

Bullies rendering themselves relevant through our fears.

Under the pretence they are there to ensure that the “some” do not ruin the “rest”. If these people telling this tales, tell these tales with no hesitation because they are absolutely convinced most Malaysians won’t know the overdone, overkilled, over-over method of creating a bogeyman to enhance their path to the path, then shame on them.

It won’t matter if they succeed or not. It’s still shame on them.

Leadership is to inform people why love matters. Why even with the potential of hate, their commitment to love and the love shared by all, the hate will eventually dissipate.

Hate lacks depth. What it lacks in reason, it picks up on human frailty.

This country at this point does not need reminders on how there are uncertainties ahead.

For the sake of sanity, there has been a change of government, a first ever, of course there will be uncertainties.

But to milk the uncertainties to build your relevance, why that is the most banal of acts, perhaps even bordering on cowardice.

A great leader says he does not know the future, but that he has faith in the future.

That by believing in the future we are halfway there.

That’s aspirational, that’s what love is made of.

Not this insipid campaign to reassure people by first highlighting what danger lurks ahead.

Perhaps these sponsors need better hearts, or failing that, better writers.





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