Cabinet Members, Welcome To The Future

The people, in the room, and they are not leaving.

Some are unhappy with some ministers, some are not enthused with the decisions of the prime minister and others are unsure what the future economy holds for them.

These are great findings!

Parties or coalitions which head a system of government are not infallible, they only offer leadership direction. On a fixed mandate which requires renewal.

The difference between an absolute government and one just popularly elected is that the former is impudent, as natural extension of its omnipotence.

The latter, the elected one,  is in constant negotiation; within its ranks — which is compounded by the coalition leadership responsible to respective party dynamics — ; with the civil service instructed to oversee the details; the GLC/government company to realise aims like a car project, civil society which will breathe down their necks if engagement is not forthcoming and a far more potent population cringing, screaming and cheering as it pleases.

I say the last part almost as a celebration. It might be all maddening to let the rakyat speak out as they want, even if on the face it appears to be ill-advised, because a democracy is not a sanitised class-aware and literate-rich invites only mayhem. The voice of the people is not refined baloney.

This is where most politicians around the world struggle with, that they can only rely on what is possible and not what is ideal.

That they must win over people, not just lord over them. For this, obviously, a deck of Pakatan leaders are ill-fitted, as were a larger number from the previous BN government.

Some will wither under the pressure. They were not built for it, and they will give up.

However this pushing and shoving to the possible is invaluable.

For, what is possible is the rule which also prevents what is nasty.

Not all the power in the world, anymore.

For those seeking a smoother similarly reality, meaning, a reboot to an old Umno-led BN era under Mahathir Mohamad of the nineties, I can say, fat chance.

This is not a smooth ride.

Mahathir is living off goodwill acquired from a historical electoral victory — which is massive — but it is not infinite, this trust from the people.

They will get in the way, they will get out of the way, and both instances on their own terms.

That’s the democracy Pakatan Harapan has to deal with.

If the elites want it just about them dealing behind doors, they will be sorely disappointed.

It will be permanent negotiations from henceforth, which is a roundabout way of underlining that there is not going to be a national car project just because the prime minister uttered it.

There are thirty million Malaysians to get past before there is a car project gets going or not.

The Proton Tanjung Malim car plant. A new replacement is part of a very long conversation.

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