Anwar For President, PKR For Democracy

Anwar (front right) walks to the limelight as wife, Wan Azizah, stays a step behind, as she will this PKR election

Anwar Ibrahim vacates PKR’s de facto leader position.

Meaning, he’ll win or lose the party party presidency early October, but either way he ceases to be the party’s unelected leader.

It is a great moment for my party, to forward itself as a party of substance.

While it is no secret over the party’s formation,since then, various factions and in case of Parti Rakyat Malaysia,even a party, came together to realise a better Malaysia through this vehicle.

This elusive vehicle filled with strange bedfellows.

Anwaristas, Anwar’s family, Umno veterans, Islamists, Secular Liberalists, activists, internationalists and more.

The leader

For the last ten years, Anwar’s position as the unelected leader of the largest political party in Malaysia, rendered its democratic aspirations hollow because their own boss was not voted in.

Umno president, Zahid Hamidi had to beat off six others when securing the party presidency last month.

To oppose an anti-democratic Umno rich on anointment, when you are are the same, was a hard sell.

That changes this October, and it offers the party a chance to upgrade.

Dare we ask if anyone would stand as a candidate against Anwar?

Can’t disguise the reason behind the party, to free Anwar, however there is no hiding the party has evolved since.

If anything, a contest of ideas on where the party should be heading post-election success would be beneficial for all party members.

Anwar must share his vision for the future, for both the party and country. Most definitely on how the party develops structure.

Past president

Fantastical to occur perhaps, a challenge to Anwar, so the real or more pertinent question would be, what’s the political future of Wan Azizah Wan Ismail come October? It can be assumed she’d not run as deputy president, so there is a chance she’d only be Pandan MP at the conclusion of the party polls.

If so, can she remain as deputy prime minister? Or whether Azmin Ali assumes the role at the federal level, as PKR number two, as Anwar by his own admission turned down the senator route to the Cabinet?

Free the choices

They say in Umno, open fights lead to destructive rancour. On the flip side, PKR offers itself as a different proposition. To underline this claim, an open embrace of democratic practices, it must display its credentials in this election.

No contests should be objected on the grounds it causes dissension in the ranks. It’s a daft excuse. Democratic resilience is formed by confronting our fears and prejudices, not by avoiding them.

Let’s make it a celebration of the Malaysia PKR sees for all, and do it with class.

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