No #MalaysiaBaru at Khazanah

Never a man for change, Mahathir Mohamad

Mahathir Mohamad is really slimy.

The Pakatan Harapan manifesto seeks to slice the prime minister’s department, because there is too much power in the PM’s hands.

That too much power in a few is against the idea of #MalaysiaBaru

And here now, the pm names himself as the chairman of Khazanah, with Azmin Ali and Hassan Marican as directors.

How Mahathir muda lupa.

In the 1960s Mahathir and the ultra right wing attacked the 1st prime minister for being friendly to the Chinese, for not trusting the economy with the Malays.

Since then, under Razak, under Hussein Onn, under Mahathir, they made it possible.

The MRSM, the boarding schools, the overseas education.

Then private sector, GLCs and corporate successes.

They positioned thousands into key positions.

But when Mahathir left office, they claimed the legacy was in tatters.

The children, they just want things better.

They condemned Najib for consolidating power to few and shutting out the generation of capable Malays from power.

And here we are in #MalaysiaBaru, with Mahathir as chairman of Khazanah? And with him economy minister Azmin Ali, and eminent person’s council member Hassan Marican?

They said the country has endless problems with difficult solutions, so why can’t they focus on their endless problems needing difficult solutions?

After all, there is a Tabung Harapan with less than RM200 million trying to solve a RM1 trillion debt. Why not the prime minister and economy minister work on their inflated ministries, and let others deal with Khazanah?

They trained hundreds of thousands of Bumiputera entrepreneurs over four decades with the overseas training, trade acumen and intellectual nous, why not let them get on with the business of sorting our Khazanah?

David Ricardo said, albeit about international trade, that while some people have absolute advantage on most things (meaning they are better than everybody in it) they have to consider that they only have 24 hours a day.

Meaning, while they are smarter than everyone, they can only work the hours available.

While Mahathir claims to be smarter than everyone, and his followers will jump through hoops of fire to prove it, there is only that much of hours in a day for anyone, even nintey-three year olds.

Azmin, follows Mahathir. For how long?

So why not let other people, people who can give more hours a day to run Khazanah?

Why assume nothing will be right, unless you are running it?

This attitude is what set the conditions to ruin this country, which the last election seeks to correct.

So if we seek to set this problem, why not offer more Malaysians the role to fix their country, rather than letting the PM have nine-hundred roles because in his mind, all other Malaysians are too stupid?

Khazanah is ultra important, but why or why, is the prime minister who has enough on his plate seeking to oversee the fund? Can’t we trust other people, would that be too much?

Would giving power to other Malaysians be too much?

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