Rahim Noor, Seriously, Not Pissing On Anwar?

The old puncher

Everyone had a chance to review Rahim Noor’s appointment as facilitator for the South Thailand peace process.

Everyone, which includes Anwar Ibrahim.

Has it passed anyone’s notice that Mahathir Mohamad knew exactly who he had appointed to get the job done north of Kedah? Continue reading “Rahim Noor, Seriously, Not Pissing On Anwar?”

How About A Chemist Prime Minister?

Always right? Not quite.

Mahathir Mohamad says that if it was not for affirmative action he would not have been a doctor.

Therefore, today, he presents himself as an evidence that affirmative action works.

I’d like to deconstruct his statement.

Mahathir jumped the queue and became a doctor. Ahead of him, those with better grades.

It is assumed, his parents would not have been able to afford him a medical degree unless through a state option.

Is that settled than, the argument made for affirmative action?

Not so.

Mahathir’s legacy is in politics, not in medicine. He was never more than a competent general practitioner (GP). Would he have failed in politics if he had no medical degree? Continue reading “How About A Chemist Prime Minister?”

The Bizzare Love For The Other Side In Malaysian Politics

The raid at Blue Boy Bar in Kuala Lumpur.

AUG 21 — The past week has seen morality overdrive, for instance the move to discourage public representation of homosexuals, raids at a known gay spot, Blue Boy, and defending rights of polygamy regardless of age.

I don’t want to have a debate about those issues. Let’s say, there are enough supporters on either side of the aisle.

I want to talk about politics and the idea of representation.

Any government must represent all its people and ensure they get the benefits and access within the system.

But when they push for new policies or policy reform, they do it for their side, their ideology (which is debatable here) and their voters. Indeed it is expected the bulk of their supporters, to a lesser degree the fence sitters who backed them this time, associate with the politics of the coalition in power.

This is to posit, a plain point, perhaps Pakatan Harapan should worry less about the people who did not vote for them, and attempt more to connect with the politics of people who did vote for them? Continue reading “The Bizzare Love For The Other Side In Malaysian Politics”

Enter Anwar, Exit Mahathir?

Always up for special consideration.

I’m entirely unsure which sounds better, Selayang Move or Sungai Petani Move. Though the former offers an exaggerated imagery of hundreds of undocumented Myanmarese fleeing immigration just outside the city’s main wet market.

We are talking about the potential by-election to put Anwar Ibrahim in Parliament.

Where five PKR lawmakers have latched on to the idea, party before self, Anwar for prime minister no matter what.

They are willing to resign, so Anwar can contest.

This is not new. Continue reading “Enter Anwar, Exit Mahathir?”

Mahathir, Ready To Take Us For A Drive, Again.

He looks like he needs a ride.

I feel disadvantaged.

Cars. I can’t even recognise my own car in a parking lot. A very small parking lot.

I once frightened the kerjesus of a woman breastfeeding when I walked back from the ATM thinking it was my car. Neither wife nor husband were flattered.

So I am car stupid.

But stupid me can’t agree with Mahathir Mohamad’s new car project.

So in this debate, Mahathir has all the cards, I suppose.

As you can see, he likes cars. Continue reading “Mahathir, Ready To Take Us For A Drive, Again.”

Sungai Kandis Analysis: You Kinda Suck

Long queues were not a problem last weekend in Sungai Kandis

It was pointless to write about this before Monday, when the workday begins.

Because over the weekend, it seems, not enough people chose to care about the Sungai Kandis by-election. Statisticians had to reach for their binders to locate when was the last time, less than half the voters came out to vote in a by-election.

Already, the theories are flying about why only 49% of the Selangor constituency nestled in the Klang-Shah Alam zone, wanted a ballot paper.

Some of them prove Malaysians do not lack an imagination.

1. The people did not vote because they were disappointed with Pakatan Harapan Continue reading “Sungai Kandis Analysis: You Kinda Suck”