PKR E-Election Hang-ups

Flags up!

It’s the inevitable car crash no one can avert their eyes from.

The PKR party election, already in motion. The first big day is national nomination day this weekend.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) has fifty-one parliamentarians and the new president will be the heir apparent to the prime minister.

Which makes it a huge freaking deal, but there is every sign, this election will be as farcical as the many before them.

Sobriety Alert. Party elections here in Malaysia are abysmal; blue side, dark blue side, green side or even without a side. Party leaders rely on the general ignorance among the membership to their advantage.  This goes for almost all of them. If they could disallow members from having a say, these leaders would leap to their feet in excitement.

They seem to like democracy when it gets the other guy voted out, not so much if their future is on the line.

No more president, but will she be a uniting force or otherwise?

Why bother with PKR’s election most specifically, if these parties are messy.

I speak about PKR because it is my party, and the only one in Parliament claiming to be the party of the masses.

But really, it’s shambles.

Explaining the inexplicable

The party has more than 800,000 members. That’s about one in forty Malaysians. If those below 18 are factored, one in twenty Malaysian is a PKR member. That’s a lot of people.

It should have a massive communication plan to enable members to participate as candidates, check on their eligibility, exhibit its secure election process which inspire confidence and recourses for candidacy, membership eligibility and suspect results.

Instead these happen.

I check my membership, and it informs my IC number is not in the system. I’m asked to check the system administrator, when there are no other pages in the said website.

The main website has no information on the election. Articles date back to 2016.

The Facebook Fan Page, pins the post urging members to check eligibility, but does not answer any of queries as far back as four weeks, many asking about their names.

Don’t bother with the messaging feature even if FB hails it for replying within minutes, because it is an auto-reply. I doubt an actual reply will follow.

So pop over to the Twitter handle (@keadilan), and it has scant news about the party polls.

The infuriating “check member status” page

There is a special @PemilihanPKR handle and it only retweets PKR leaders from one faction, I wonder how the rest of the party feel about that.

If the electronic preparation is diabolical, what can be expected at the election proper which will be completely electronic?

The quick answer would be a lot of problems.

If every electronic means presently is shoddy, partial, clogged and shrouded in mystery, how much confidence will the election inspire? And since the elections will be in stages (from state to state) will groups run intervention when the early results are against them coupled with the fact many of the processes at the voting stations have been suspect?

The manner PKR approaches this election when well aware about the chaotic scenes from the last two party elections is massively worrying.

Let’s see how it goes.

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