Mahathir, Ready To Take Us For A Drive, Again.

He looks like he needs a ride.

I feel disadvantaged.

Cars. I can’t even recognise my own car in a parking lot. A very small parking lot.

I once frightened the kerjesus of a woman breastfeeding when I walked back from the ATM thinking it was my car. Neither wife nor husband were flattered.

So I am car stupid.

But stupid me can’t agree with Mahathir Mohamad’s new car project.

So in this debate, Mahathir has all the cards, I suppose.

As you can see, he likes cars.

So can we scrap the car project and just give him a Ferrari. It would be far cheaper than a new policy to drive forward a nonsensical national car. I feel in the minority, since so many people are now “Tun him this, Tun him that” that they’d be infuriated with me questioning him.

Sorry honey, I been questioning him since 1981.

But seriously, I’d be OK with taxpayers money to give him a very expensive car. Like a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche?

I don’t understand. I have a Proton Saga and I take the bus. But if that would get him off my back over a national car, I’d let him have it.

And yes, I do look down on people who need expensive things. It does not matter if they are ex PM wives, or actual ex PMs, or present PMs.

There are zero valid arguments for a national car company. Zero, nada, kosong.

This is the opposite of beating a dead horse. This is akin to beating a pole, till a pole dancer appears. If wishes were true.

The Toyota electric car.

We promise to start a car company in 2020. In 2020. Toyota will be selling electric cars in 2020. Can those drinking the kool aid, wake up?

Mahathir has no clue. He was wrong in 1982 when Proton emerged. He is damn right wrong today, thirty-five years later. Proton was sold to the Chinese because it could not compete.

How can a new car company in a a nation of 32 million compete?

The ASEAN market? Thailand is a major assembly point for vehicles in the world.

I know very little about cars, but I have seen very few smart people coming out to defend a new car project. All the politicians who would have eviscerated anyone else with this harebrained idea are quiet because they are part of the coalition in power. They need to be in Mahathir’s good books.

Otherwise, no sane person without the need to appease Mahathir backs this cockamania idea.

Please, oh, please, educate me, on how wrong I am about this.

While I wait for common sense to prevail, I’ll eat rambutan.

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