Pakatan Needs Its Sexyback

The real truth? Both Anwar and Mahathir have lost their shine with a segment of Malaysians.

Pakatan Harapan has to wake up to the reality, they are not as appealing to their base as they were last May 9.

If the three by-elections — Sungai Kandis, Balakong and Seri Setia — are worthy barometers, which they are.

In way, I like it. It reinforces the idea voting days are snapshots and no one owns votes except the voters. There is a limit to assume mandates as blank cheques for those in power.

Right now, so many Malaysians are not impressed by any politician, of any colour.

The bad news is that they, Pakatan in particular, have been served a warning. They do not offer a reason to their voters to show up for them. If this persists, they may cease to be their voters altogether.

The good news is, there is so much to be won if parties begin to form a shape to their ideology, foster access for their members to affect party and government, and engage the masses.

To have a cogent message which resonates with the country. Please don’t say this is wishful thinking!

Marching for whom, now? The Pakatan Harapan candidate’s leadership throng at Balakong by-election nomination day.

There is no more David versus Goliath, the impossible goal to beat the titan. That lengthy wait till enough Malaysians could muster the courage — through economic liberty, political awareness and worldliness — to dethrone a unwieldy force casting a shadow on a nation, has ended.

That’s over, it can’t be revisited.

The victimisation card as a free pass to all shortcomings because it is petty to nitpick our warriors when Barisan Nasional whacks them in the courts, police stations, protest areas and Parliament, has been revoked.

This would be a good part to remind BN, while Pakatan deserves flak, this is not to suggest the people have turned away from the ruling coalition and returned to BN’s warm embrace. They are deluded to claim the by-election results are positives for them. If people liked BN more now, they’d show up to vote for them now.

Akin to a love triangle, Pakatan, BN and the voters.

The masses are not in love with you by not shouting out for your competitor. They are in love with you when they call you, and say they love you.

So juvenile, these BN leaders.

Back to Pakatan, if supporters don’t come to vote so soon after the general election for your coalition, you are in trouble. A correction is necessary from your end, unless you need a harsher message at the next opportunity, the Anwar Ibrahim’s by-election.

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