Will Port Dickson Show Up For Anwar Ibrahim?

Seizing the beach in Port Dickson, Anwar.

The result is a foregone conclusion, the Port Dickson by-election winner.

Anwar Ibrahim will win, barring the impossible.

MIC can’t muster a candidate of value, and when it is the added lustre of a by-election, the candidate they do find might melt beachside on nomination day.

As a traditional seat of the minion minor party, the last winner from the party being S Sothinathan, it might entice Umno to ask MIC to step back and let a real contest transpire.

Might as well, and probably a likely scenario since there is no Barisan Nasional anymore.

Enjoy the calm before the madness descends on our capital city beach escape.

What does remain as a question for this election, is voter turnout.

Will Port Dickson defy Anwar by not showing up on voting day. After all, in the aftermath of Sg Kandis, Seri Setia and Balakong — all forced by deaths — , this unnatural contest might draw the ire of a general population quite done with polls.

There was no need to have this election. Just a move to bring the incoming PKR president to Parliament for his ascension.

So, pause.

Do Port Dickson voters feel enough for Anwar per se?

Would they abstain (not vote) because this moves Anwar to replace Mahathir?

What about young voters incensed by the constant political posturing?

But enjoy the spectacle. Every PKR, DAP, Amanah and Pribumi leader will be on show — it’s politics. Even former nemesis, Mahathir Mohamad. Everyone would show their connection to Anwar. The pasar malam will be in town as long as the Election Commission will permit it.

Rest of Malaysia may not care as much, but Port Dickson will be informed daily  the “Anwar Ibrahim Show” is in town.

Anwar will win, but the size of voter turnout, not majority which will matter most at the Port Dickson. That, and the number of Tamil cliches Anwar will launch into to appease the Indian voting block.

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