The PD By-Election Losers? Voters

The silent war through gossip.

Many have weighed in on the upcoming Port Dickson by-election. One group has not. An insignificant group. The actual voters of Port Dickson.

More than most, since located in a coastal attraction close enough to the capital, the residents in that constituency are used to people, coming and going. Procuring floaties, kites and banana ride services, before the Sunday evening drive.

Whether they see Anwar Ibrahim, his opponent or the army of supporters about to descend on the holiday town, as new friends or just people who’d take what PD can offer, will be revealed on voting day.

Don’t misunderstand, Anwar will win, there is not even the remotest chance of defeat. Turnout, however, is a different matter.

The idyllic town relies on tourist traffic, along with the staff/students of the polytechnic and nurse college, the military camp/museum, limited estate operations and oil & gas refinery companies. It’s not desperate for economic upliftment as much as it is for representation.

Queued Pawns

The allure of a future prime minister must be tantalising. They’d ponder about the support to Kubang Pasu and Pekan as examples, of what they can expect from a soon sitting PM.

That’s juxtaposition rather than fact, in that, no one has actually asked the people of PD in the week since the resignation of the first time MP, Rear Admiral (Ret) Danyal Balagopal Abdullah. (Though I wonder if his mom called him Gopal, Bala or Appu, while growing up.)

I don’t think national leaders feel it matters, the feelings of the constituents.

This may be a minority view, but perhaps PD’s inhabitants may not approve being guinea pigs for Anwar’s ascension.

It’s appalling to witness, the charade. Leader A speaks of need to act, while another leader B from the same fold speaks of caution in view of other developments. At that moment leader C from the party which usually contests the seat admits it is not welcome to try this time, since they are irrelevant in electoral math since 2008. Leader D from the party set to fight Anwar, speaks of the need for a local candidate — which is about the only silver lining, a very thin one — at a time leader E from his party says he’d campaign for Anwar, and rightly claims he’s not the only one.

A bunch of self-entitled politicians talking about power balance through a perpetually negotiated coalition structure permutations, which renders the term “friends for now” truest meaning.

There is scant regard for the actual voters of PD.

A distant memory. May 9.

The idea of voters being only necessary on voting day which Barisan Nasional reinforced through media, education and culture for decades is equally accepted by Pakatan Harapan’s leadership core, today.

If there are dissenters, they are quiet as the key players forge forward with their own intrigues.

The notion of a democracy emerging from the people and leaders harnessing the will of the people is a sham exercise here. It’s foreign to leaders on both sides of the aisle, and PAS who have become the Sinn Fein of Malaysian politics — obdurate, disengaged and angry.

This is the unvarnished truth, and it is not heart-warming, the actual people running all the parties with actual power in the country are bent on managing voters, not meeting their aspirations.

The considerations of national power and the characters involved with it are far more important than voters. In their minds, they’d assume, giving the masses the occassional makan and packed food at rallies will be enough. After all, the masses are not educated enough, don’t want to read, hooked to their Astro sets, can’t understand political structures, unable to fathom the distinction between civil service and political positions and just want the damn subsidies or cash handouts. And fear god — the break glass in case of emergency option.

Voters are a means to power, not the ends to securing power.

The PD move only underlines the observation.

‘Some men just want to watch the world burn’

National politics lacks a policy spine, it is now completely reliant on populist garbage because all politicians are convinced this is the only way to votes.

If I was voting in Port Dickson, I’d be nauseated.

The ceaseless power negotiations and uncertainties don’t help the people, but forces inside Pakatan refuse to let things settle down. Of course Umno stirs the pot, but they are only able to because that seemingly large Pakatan plus friends majority is made illusory by the power intimations.

PD is not the last stop for this circus. Watch for more drama at Dewan Rakyat at its conclusion.

They prefer to keep their power ambitions right smack top of the agenda, come what may.

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