PKR Elections: Train-wreck Alert!

Watch out, chairs falling from above.

PKR’s first round of state by state elections has been a colossal FUBAR.

To state simply, if this is the last of three party elections (2010 which have had allegations of fraud, undue influence, delayed results and faulty polling structures, to appear surprised now with last weekend’s debacle is an act of cowardice.

Yet PKR’s Secretary-General Saifuddin Nasution says it is everyone’s fault since the process was presented at leadership meetings.

“JPP will give us a report tomorrow and only after that can we identify the real cause of the weaknesses in the system. Then, we will look at ways to improve the system so that the problems do not recur in future elections.”

They’ll get a report tomorrow, and discuss it in the evening. I can’t explain my dismay at the indifferent attitude.

The election can split the members and the leaders. Only a fool would look at the matter lightly.

To wait three days and three days to instruct the election machinery on how to improve before this coming weekend is why some state leaders have asked for the polls to be postponed. Others are protesting the results presently. And the more flamboyant just went for the chairs.

Speaking of flamboyance, the incoming president Anwar Ibrahim’s reaction to the development is “we will sack the troublemakers, and fix the problem.” But if only leadership was about sacking and claiming problems are over.

And postponing is not a easy matter, because the politicians may be shocked beyond shock that members do not work in politic, they work for people. Especially the party of the masses, they always have bosses, then family, then commitment.

Saifuddin is not too worried.

To hold back decisions and announcement, with the confidence all members will drop everything to go vote because the leaders are negotiating the system, and maybe getting a few coders to fix snags is insulting.

Respect the voters, respect the members.

I warned almost two months ago (August 2) about the shoddy lead up, the auto-responses at the FB page, the fears of the past and the lackadaisical approach to a huge undertaking of counting 800,000 voters across the country using volunteers.

But did they care?

I don’t blame the election machinery wholely, they have been always expected to dance to the tune of the bosses with rarely adequate support or clarity of purpose. They lack funding often. Dates and venues shifted and the crew expected to get the logistics right no matter what.

This has more bad news.

It is a cluster bomb ready to go in the face of all of the party. So maybe the Sec-Gen is right, well in a way, all PKR members are going to lose.

But do they always have to lose because their leaders are incompetent?

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