Top 10 Things To Come Up About Malaysian Politics (At The VI Dinner) Tonight

Hussein Onn at the VI. Not an old boy.

Heading out to my alumni dinner in a few hours.

The Victoria Institution has never been the vanguard of the left but rather a beacon of moderation and progenitor of the doomed Barisan Nasional. It would be interesting to note what gets talked about at dinner.

I’ll walk the aisles like I did the corridors at school decades ago.

I’m guessing these will crop up, about the country.

10. Port Dickson, was Anwar happy to see Saiful?

OK, let’s put the biases out there. Of course VI boys always speak about the Malay College boys being a bit backward and putting from the rough not only at the inter-alumni games. That their brotherhood is always a bit spicier despite the lack of Indian restaurants in Kuala Kangsar.

So yes, it’ll go on, the banter. Yes, I’ll feel guilty, but maybe not tonight. After all, I’m not part of the group giving out contracts and political positions because they wear the same ties on Wednesdays.

9. Does Syed Saddiq have the mettle, since he sacked Lim Teong Kim?

VI boys love football, it is our common faith, come down for the annual interbatch 7-a-side and sense the passion. The slew of ex-national players and the next generation of professional players aside, football and sports in general were critical in our growing up in school.

He’ll take heat, because he’s young. But, he’ll get stronger if he adopts the right attitude to the setbacks. Maybe it is us coming from the university debate scene which makes me more sympathetic to the lad. That, and he may lead a whole generation of new generation of leaders.

8. Which minister sucks the most?

Or a permutation of it. The thing is, so much of what each minister does affects associated businesses and I can see the worry.

I’d be tempted to answer the question literally, well maybe after the sixth drink.

7. Who’d be Jho Low in the movie?

I’ll definitely say Denzel. I mean, I’d be backing Mr Washington to play Abe Lincoln if I could. (Abraham Lincoln, Undercover Black)

6. Is Maszlee good for VI?

Actually no education minister has ever been good for VI since the 1970s. Looking at you Mahathir, Abdullah Badawi, Musa Hitam, Anwar, Najib and yes, now, Maszlee. It’s a political position to up political capital, not to trouble the teacher’s union which is a huge Umno, and maybe now, Pribumi/PKR support base.

So for those wanting to privatise VI, it’s going to be a slog.

5. What should I do with my Umno membership?

Burn it, that’s a reasonable approach. Seven decades of VI boys warming up to the party, but not seeking senior positions necessarily, won’t be erased by us trying to memorise PKR’s song. Does Pribumi have a song?

4. They beating lesbians in Terengganu

…and this is why going to an all boys school is a drag, at times (OK, there is form six). We’d never beat lesbians in VI, ever. We’d watch.

3. Will Rosmah survive prison?

I must ask rather, would prison survive Rosmah?

2. Najib is a St John’s boy, that’s why!

To be fair, it’s not fair. There are thousands of ex-St.John boys contributing to the country, some in massive ways, but hey, it’s the Victoria Institution Old Boys’ Association’s dinner to celebrate 125 years of VI. Surely, thousands of ways to piss on Najib these days, but trust the VI boy to insert a John Boy joke somewhere.

1. When will Anwar become prime minister?

It would be sacrilegious to leave any doubt about the PKR president’s PD victory, which means the real question is, after the win when does he start to squeeze him out?

So much more drama to unfold beyond October 13, it might be prudent to spread the jokes judiciously.

Malaysians appear to be surprise proof these days, but I’ll  be sure to pick up a thought or two tonight.

2012 came very alive.


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