Tok Pa And The Giant Peach Lie

Together again

Don’t wish Mustapa Mohamed well in Pribumi.

At this point, I don’t think I can wish anyone who had been in government before 2008 well.

The system stinks and anyone who was in government through those years should put their head down in shame, which includes most of Pribumi today.

The hypocrisy.

I’m not upset that Tok Pa left Umno, my lack of empathy for that racist cesspool is common knowledge, but rather incensed by his rationale. Not only him, the whole queue of those who left Umno since May 9.

In summary, according to them, they had to serve the people, and which means they had to abandon ship and join the present overlords.

Rozman had to, Anifah had to, Noor Azmi had too. Poor bastards, how their life had come to this, that they had to crawl back to power and point a large middle finger to life in the opposition, because apparently, one can’t serve the people when not in power. Continue reading “Tok Pa And The Giant Peach Lie”