‘We Have More Crazy Stories, Why Focus on Julau?’

Saifuddin is not too worried.

It is mad, absolutely mad.

In response to the preposterous overnight increase of PKR members in Sarawak’s Julau, the party’s secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution claims there are equally outrageous shenanigans in other divisions. He names Kuala Lumpur’s Batu and other parts of Selangor.

Firstly, he might want to reconsider.

Because if the answer to inexplicable manoeuvres in one division is to point to other shady situations in other divisions, that does not negate the problem. It does nothing for Julau, but it does raise more eyebrows over other divisions.

As secretary-general, he can’t absolve the party by pointing at other problems.

They are all problems. Why not admit to them being problems? Why this irrational behaviour?

He has no answer, from where I sit.

The party administration has no answer, and this is not the best thing for democracy in the party, or for the country it governs.

If other divisions have presented dodgy registrations, why induct the new members? Reject the registration. If these are problems from divisions which have already voted, then this is to admit that there substantial number of questionable voters in those divisions, which is to say, it’s not very good. Not good at all.

Their votes should be questioned now.

The party’s statement does little to allay fears of grave incompetence around and in the PKR elections.

Though, the feeling is, and it is growing by the day, the party leadership thinks less of solutions and more about excuses they can use.

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