Kuala Lumpur: You got to fight, for your right, to party!

Them people.

This is why Amanah MPs are dangerous (and suck). Now they go after our bars.

They usually mean well, but you can can’t say the same about how they think.

Khalid Samad’s pronouncement to save all our souls and family lives by capping nightlife to 1am is bad. When I say bad, I mean atrocious. When I mean atrocious, I mean foul.

With no recourse, can’t even ask Khalid over to the pub to have a chat over a cold one.

Firstly, about the nature of the decision.

The city is the heart of the country, and its parties. There should be regulation, proper ones and not just enforced arbitrarily by the army of Napoleons from all enforcement authorities. Considerations to shield residential zones, an eye on organised crime and business support for owners, for instance, should be present, but let market forces decide operating hours.

Let the people party. Just because you don’t know how to, being a square and all, does not mean the rest have to live your values, Khalid.

Second, the arbitrariness.

That the outlets “for” foreigners should remain and can operate till 5am.

I’m sure this does not refer to the migrant workers serving city hall. Definitely not the masses setting upon Jalan Silang’s Myanmarese, Bangladeshi and Filipino outlets. Or even the ones’ erecting TRX and Menara PNB.

Khalid ‘I’m better than the rest’ Samad

No, it’s the upward mobile with Gurkha guards at their condominiums, who can party on.

Them, and the twelve million tourists passing Malaysia, apparently.

Because we don’t want them to want. To lack the leisure they prefer.

Why not Khalid, tell the world, since Amanah is for all, to just cope with your righteousness? Tourists, learn to be like the locals, and enjoy the benefits of a proper shut eye, and waking up to quality family time in the morning. Plus, save on the tourist dollars.

Surely, what is good for the goose is excellent for the gander?

And those expatriates, well, if you want to live in a different country and earn those expat salaries, then learn to live with our conditions. They don’t mind living like that in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, why not here too?

Right, Khalid?

Educate them, man. Is not that they are daft, they are merely ignorant. Someone with your superior moral sense and intelligence can lift them up to a higher plane of existence. I suppose perhaps, why not a learning camp for expats in Malaysia, so that they are exposed to better living before issuing them work visas?

Third, this is exactly what you get when an outsider MP, the three time-Shah Alam MP no less, to decide for Kuala Lumpur.

With no respect, most of us rather you don’t, Khalid, decide for us. You don’t have legitimacy as an outsider. No one from the eleven constituencies in the city voted for you. The city lives on services and also by not being Shah Alam. There are a pile of reasons why your constituency is not the centre of Malaysian social life.

And your young run to the city, come Friday.

But more than anything, even past the piss points on boring Shah Alam, you are not from KL. Enjoy the perks of minister pay and the bloated ego, but don’t come and lecture about the KL economy.

Economy is not synonymous with your progenitor party, PAS, and it sure is not with the new splinter, Amanah. Usually, you guys can’t run countries — unless running them to the ground is the same thing — but you do have moral repugnance by the truckloads.

Is this an overreaction? Remember, they remove civil liberties by the inches, and they celebrate every victory. Khalid does not believe in civil liberties, but you can bet your bottom dollar he loves liberal votes. So he pretends to be “not so” conservative to win power, but when in power does stupid things like shut the bars down, well to begin with by reducing their operating hours.

He and his gang are insidious.

Nothing ever changes, when the moral police reign. Remember, you have to fight, for your right, to party!

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