Umno Youth: A History Of Violence AKA Syed Saddiq Gets A Taste

Smile for the camera, matey.

A minister visits the nomination centre for a by-election.

He gets accosted.

The accounts vary.

The alleged victim, if serving ministers can be victims, claims physical intimidation where he was.

The leader of the alleged mob, Papagomo, according to his Umno party youth chief was just giving a friendly reach over the shoulders. After all, he is bro Saddiq.

Social media is divided.

It’s Bersatu Pribumi versus Umno, spy versus spy, it’s Jim Carrey pissing on Jeff Daniels.

Our way, no pain no gain

Firstly, it’s difficult to sympathise with the leader of a race party, as history indicates are progenitors of violence, especially against those of a different race.

Asyraf, spinning Umno’s hate

However, it is amazing for Umno to claim, theirs is the party of restraint. Physical intimidation is synonymous with Umno Youth; right Khairy Jamaluddin, sure Hishammuddin Hussein, you dig Zahid Hamidi, raise a fist Najib Razak, fight on Anwar Ibrahim, raid the south Syed Jaafar Albar and light up KL Harun Idris.

Theirs is the party of hate. It is the very sinew of the party.

So, you can see the crisis here.

The hate party’s blokes allegedly attack the leader of the “competition”, outside a nomination centre where both party claim no one can love Malays better than them, and they will shed blood for the cause; and then turn around to another set of people saying their race over-zealousness does not cloud their sense of love for all people.

You know, doublespeak, doublethink.

If the nation’s health budget could be stretched more for mental illnesses, both party youth leaders should get unlimited access to the facilities.

In a cynical way, it is chicken coming to roost, no Syed Saddiq? It was the reason you accepted the race route to power, that Malaysia is not ready for colour blind politics. That it is a compromise position.

We make our own bed.

The Bersatu ethos of embracing tribalism means primal acts of violence is par for the course.

Realise, if Bersatu continues with its charm offensive in backrooms, the exodus of Umno leaders to Bersatu would turn these aggressors into Syed Saddiq’s troops in the near future.

Even Papagomo might be a Bersatu leader of love for all in the future.

There is a larger notion at hand, which requires a mental separation.

A state of ‘hate’ being

There is Umno the party, and Umno-think.

Umno-think is openly in Umno, PAS and Bersatu, but it is also dominant inside PKR, Amanah and Warisan.

Papagomo, a real hugger.

It is fluid, and so are apologies. There is no long term damage, a punch or two this way or the other.

As long as the commitment to racism is maintained.

My nightmare is Umno-think can not be killed off.

Which is the clear and present danger for multicultural Malaysia. It’s always under threat from Umno-think.

Syed Saddiq might not appreciate this as much, he probably still retains a romantic view of power.

His naivete as much as the prevailing culture of violence inside the party attacking him and the party he represents which continues the harm he experienced, to all other Malaysians.

He might want to consider this observation: If a sitting minister in broad daylight at a national event, as by-elections are, can be roughed up, what about regular Malaysians, up tempo if non-Malay, was to set upon by a group of Umno youths, who can’t be told apart from his own armada, what would happen?

What would happen indeed.

Hate is a one way street to violence. Bersatu Umno loves one way streets.

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