10 Gems From The Sad, Sad World of Malaysian News, In A Day Before 5PM

Che Abdullah fears the satan in us.

If there is one constant, it is the sheer volume of nonsense daily. Sometimes the world, well at least Malaysia, would be a whole lot better if the white noise died down a bit.

This is not the newsportals or writers’ fault. There is a massive lack of useful or insightful information from the corridors of power or the gang lurking just outside to attack power.

They are either unnecessary, overkill, distract from real issues or just suck the oxygen in the room. Just look at what’s come out so far for the day. Just today,Feb 19, before 5pm. The day is not done yet.

10. Nik Abduh needs enemies

Headline:  Kalau Pas, UMNO dan Bersatu kerjasama, apa isu? (If PAS, Umno and Bersatu cooperate, what’s the issue?) – Nik Mohamad Abduh

Quote:”Whatever our move, it’s always going to be about blocking DAP.”

When out of ammo, and the world, both friends and enemies call you a liar, it’s time to flip it. Highly unoriginal, but effective nevertheless, when in panic, blame DAP.

It is almost as if he wants all past mistakes erased if only he can hate DAP enough.  This one needs mental help.

9. He’s my aide, he can cry if he wants to

Headline: Transport minister defends aide in RTM row, questions part omission of ‘live’ event

Anthony Loke has been that Seremban guy (I don’t know what the typical Seremban guy is, to be frank). He’s aide, Lim Swee Kuan was aghast when his guy was not featured enough in a RTM coverage, which ended with him claiming “heads must roll” at the national news agency.

It’s fine for the media to lap up the soundbite, but surely the minister does not need to weigh in the matter. Not so prematurely. The rule is to step in when the situation is dire, and minister must either back his man or show him the door.

We are far from that, and this will play out. Minister should have been better advised.

8. The Chinese, they’ve changed!

All about Semenyih

Headline: Perubahan sikap pengundi Cina (The Chinese attitude has altered)

Malaysia Baharu and all, it is always good Utusan coverage to not ascribe a statement of fact to any source, has not changed. It is declared, please listen!

In brief it is a report that the BN candidate observes the Chinese have moved back to his coalition, because well, he has observed. At times I am sad Utusan is shutting down, but then again these type of reports emerge.

7. Pots and Kettles

Headline: PH ada aura di DUN Semenyih (Pakatan has an aura in Semenyih assembly seat)

Mohamad Suparadi Md Noor believes PH will win in Semenyih.

Suparadi, who?

Suparadi the PKR’s Kelantan Chief. Talk about expert analysis. Not only is he from far, far away, PKR are not heavy hitters in Kelantan. PKR won nothing in Kelantan last May, and for the Kelantan chief to talk, well, it’s rich.

His rationale, Cameron Highlands was different, and Selangor is a different proposition. Plus, PAS lied.

Sinar could have called someone closer to home, like the guy running the bar opposite Nottingham University for better insight.

6. MCA attempts humour, again

Headline: MCA Youth chief questions aide’s threat against RTM

Media councils/NGOs from all over should comment on undue influence, but people from MCA should not talk about media independence when they own the largest English newspaper in the country.

“Someone, please correct me,” MCA Youth Chief Nicole Wong added.

Something about people in glass houses, Nicole.

5. Azmin picks on family ties

Follow my lead, says Azmin

Headline: Azmin: Tun Abdul Razak would have been upset at what Felda has become

“We support the late Tun Abdul Razak’s efforts in establishing Felda. Government land was given to Felda settlers so that their economic status can be elevated and the wealth disparity can be reduced.

“But after his son (Najib) came in… the son goes on and privatised Felda.”

Oh, Azmin, you had to go there. It’s fine to piss on Najib, but to assume how Najib’s dead dad would look at it is a tad bit over. Who knows what the right wing Razak would say about anything today. Another report on the incident adds Azmin felt Razak would strangle Najib. Oh, behave!

4. Bersatu thanks Warisan

Headline: Bersatu appreciates Warisan’s openness on entry to Sabah

Yes, Warisan was arms wide open, matey. After the outrage, of having to endure the second coming of Umno Bersatu to Sabah, Warisan gave a nonchalant OK to Mahathir’s horde’s arrival. It was a tight-lipped moment where Chief Minister Shafie Apdal was grinding his teeth.

What could they do? The thing for Bersatu to do was just shut up, not dish out superlatives about the contained anger of Warisan.

3. Marry first, you fornicators!

Headline: Marry young, it’s better than free mixing of sexes, says PAS man

In other unsurprising news, PAS MP Che Abdullah Mat Nawi (Tumpat) was outraged.

“They go riding on motorbikes but I know they are not married. They go to islands and beaches. They have babies, and then throw them away.”

So, there you have it. Let them unemployed, uneducated and unprepared have legal babies, so that their legal lives could be legally screwed.

2. Not jealous of Bossku

Not jealous

Headline: Anwar: I’m OK with not getting the most ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ on social media

Emerged from Anwar Ibrahim’s tweet: “”It’s ok. I still care abt the rakyat. And serving the rakyat isn’t about collecting ‘likes’ & ‘shares’ on social media.”

Of course, sure. Much appreciated. You can all connect the dots on this one.

1 ‘I’ll be the man, who will fight for your honour’

Headline: Malay rights protected for as long as ‘sun and moon exist’, Muhyiddin tells Semenyih

I’m glad Muhyiddin Yassin was able to utilise astronomy to prove his racist credentials at a time so many right-wingers are falling to the temptation of flat earthers.

Cue, Peter Cetera.

Anyways, all this in one day, before 5pm. Malaysia, you’re killing me.


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