PH Clueless About Playground Politics

Facts beneath the story.

Trying to figure things out.

Why BN always seems to dominate opinion and PH just losing breath keeping up.

Then it struck me.

PH is the dorky kid in the playground who reaches out for facts as a shield and proof of correctness.

BN,the jock with no care about facts. Facts don’t determine support or love from the larger school population.

It is a horrible thing to say, but as people, human beings, we are predisposed to trust strength even if it slants to the cruel.

The many rather follow the cocksure jock rather than the informed but forlorn looking dork. Confidence is a tricky thing, it’s less about facts and more about gut instinct, and more often than not it coincides with physical strength and commitment.

Facts and thinking matter, of course. Because brashness can only lead the masses to a certain point. Thereafter, people like to know “what’s next.” Truth be told, the jock probably has no “what’s next.”

Still, anecdotes have limited use, and they are not clean reflections though have merit in comparing — to a degree.

While it irks me, that BN disowns all its misdeeds and turns them on their heads by blaming PH instead for them.

Felda been under BN since there was a Felda. But accumulated problems are only the doing of the lads on top for eleven months. Incredulous yes, outright despicable, damn right, but they do it with a straight face.

They never answer the questions they know the answers don’t favour them.

BN: PH has screwed Felda over.

PH: But you were in charge all through the years.

BN: You are in charge now, so stop whining.

PH: That’s unfair.

BN: I don’t care. But the rakyat’s watching dude.

Not to be beaten in the race to stupid, Minister Kulasegaran

They are the kings of disengagement. In power, and even now when out of power.

Rather than being clever about it, PH chooses to be strident about it.

They shout louder their vehemence. Shout, shout and then for good measure, shout again.

Rethink, don’t just bluster on PH. Can’t win it that way.


By the way, Human Resource Minister M.Kulasegaran was outright racist in his speech in Rantau. One imagines he has spoken like this before. Everything suggests that. What rubbish. There is nothing to defend, everything to apologise for.

My question is, will anyone in DAP hold him up accountable? Will they set their brother right?


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