The Hurt Does Not End By Hurting Them

Arrest them all!

At times it seems the solution to all our problems is to arrest someone, or a whole bunch of people. A proper remand if the lad is daft enough to just write whatever the daft write without regard for the consequences.

Then there is deportation, it’s in this season.

Punitive measures are what they are, to extract the pound of flesh.

And it does not seem out of place or not deserved, but it’s not my idea of building a great society.

The United States has a third of black males incarcerated at one point or another, but that’s not a great advert. “America, we nail them when they get it wrong.”

Or, “Malaysia, we are getting even.”

It is also sucks that progress is about “hurting them.”

I suppose it is a question of deciding what is progress. I’m lost in the dark over this one.

It’s the economy for sure, food on the table and all that. The new things in an increasing newer world, it would require the education for the 22nd Century society today.

And civility, next, next, next, certainly.

Civility in dark alleys and rows of suburbia. And even on the roads. Before the law, way before the law, kindness to each other.

Then, finally, friendships. In and around where you live, wherever in Malaysia.

They are difficult to attain, they require work, but at least they give us a sense of purpose and confidence. They won’t fill us with perpetual negativity which only angers, nothing more. Anger is all too consuming. It can’t be going home with anger in our hearts, Mondays or Fridays, it still sucks.

We need to hear more about us moving the needle in our interest, not just being a vengeful society.

It’s all very petty, otherwise.

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