Anwar For President, PKR For Democracy

Anwar (front right) walks to the limelight as wife, Wan Azizah, stays a step behind, as she will this PKR election

Anwar Ibrahim vacates PKR’s de facto leader position.

Meaning, he’ll win or lose the party party presidency early October, but either way he ceases to be the party’s unelected leader.

It is a great moment for my party, to forward itself as a party of substance.

While it is no secret over the party’s formation,since then, various factions and in case of Parti Rakyat Malaysia,even a party, came together to realise a better Malaysia through this vehicle.

This elusive vehicle filled with strange bedfellows.

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Less Special Officers Should Mean Cuts Elsewhere Too

The young. wanting to follow the footsteps of special officers before them.

Much has been made over the number of officers ministers are entitled to.

The hallowed passage where leaders like Khairy Jamaluddin, Azmin Ali, Amiruddin Shari and the rest cut their teeth, there’s so much promise in the position.

Yet, the intention, in the Pakatan Harapan manifesto, was to cut the patronage fat accumulated over the decades.

Government is not solely about rewarding the supporters of leaders, is the message. In realpolitik terms however, it is unavoidable, a sort of cost of doing business. But this new administration wants to curb the enthusiasm, even if it can’t end it.

People support leaders for their ideas and beliefs, with consideration of their own person too. Here lies the danger. Continue reading “Less Special Officers Should Mean Cuts Elsewhere Too”

Right Wingers Should Hate The World Cup

Look at the race-mixers and agitators, more of this and they may get confused.

I have a World Cup story for the right wing ultras. I hope it appeals to them.

[Sorry for the title, I did not mean to say left wingers love the world cup, instead. Or centrebacks for the matter.]

In the 1990s, France struggled to grapple with African migrants, both the North variety (Muslim and Arab) and the rest of the continent. A mighty European civilisation pays for people from their old colonies. Their developed economy attractive to the impoverished.

Scenes of squalid ghettos and forced evictions, to remove the new arrivals went in cycles. It’s complicated.

So when France hosted the World Cup in 1998, the right wing national — or nutter — Jean-Marie Le Pen was quick to point out the Les Bleus were not French, because about half of the team was migrant class.

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Done Waiting, Want Our Kuala Lumpur Elections

Khalid Samad, show some courage.

Would like to tell the Shah Alam MP — who has been thanks to a longstanding weird system, allowed to judge when Kuala Lumpur citizens have the right to determine their own local councils — that he should not delay local elections, or try a hybrid appointed and elected, or worst of all appoint the mayor.

The mayor is the executive, it’s the most crucial part of the jigsaw.
Power to the people not the technocrats.

Much of my family are Kuala Lumpur citizens, and as a business owner inside Kuala Lumpur, I disagree with him, vehemently. I’ve been asking openly for this for almost two decades.

Why not just ask the people of Kuala Lumpur? Continue reading “Done Waiting, Want Our Kuala Lumpur Elections”

No Easy Days For Ministers

For Syed Saddiq, the enormity of the task is dawning upon him.

It’s impossible, governing.

Fortunately, for the last thirty years, ministers never had the problem.

Well fortunate for them, but not for the people.

Most of them, just sat around for photo-ops, and others went about the business of taking care of themselves.

Then in cycles, the obtuse ministers would say or do a massively unpopular thing and when faced with criticism, would tell the public to just suck it.

“I’m a minister because the prime minister likes me, and as long as I am of value to him, I’m really not bothered what random urbanites think of me.” Continue reading “No Easy Days For Ministers”

Sungai Kandis will tell, one way or the other

Will Umno show up at Sungai Kandis by-election? Noh Omar should know more than most.

The first by-election after GE14, in Selangor next month, will act as a barometer of #Malaysiabaru. Whether the promise of reform holds sway with the voters.

For it offers electoral proof, which is better to weigh the present administration than rely on online banter.

Before that, I would extend my commiserations to the family of the late assemblymen Mat Shuhaimi Shafiei, a three time winner, and former chief of staff for ex-mentri besar Azmin Ali. A huge figure in Keadilan Selangor, and always cooperative with us in KUASA, his loss is still being felt by so many in the state. Continue reading “Sungai Kandis will tell, one way or the other”

Azmin And Selangor Deserve A Clean Break

Which hat is on today, Azmin?

The question is not whether Azmin Ali has been a great administrator or the Genghiz Khan of managers. It is clear he should not hold a position in the Selangor government. He is the economy minister, now. He should do that, and not complicate his governmental brief.

Which is why, it is such a misjudgement. He chose to leave Selangor government, and head to Putrajaya, and he should honour his own decision.

He picked Amiruddin Shari to replace him, and Selangor has to get on with it, with the new MB and his crew. Continue reading “Azmin And Selangor Deserve A Clean Break”