Bad News Can Only Be Delayed

Putra Perdana, Putrajaya, where governing begins.

Some of us will be unhappy in the weeks and months to come.

GST ends this month, subsidies are enroute and the road toll burden is set to drop.

All new expenses for Malaysia. Without the GST revenue, there would be less in the coffers. Paying for subsidies would dip into the pot. So will paying off highway concessionaires.

Unless Malaysia has found several new oilfields, the money will have to come from somewhere. Unless we want to strain the national debt which is as explained by the present administration, alarming.

Standard Pakatan Harapan soundbites espouse the savings of cutting corruption and improved efficiency, which will make for the shortfall. Continue reading “Bad News Can Only Be Delayed”


Let The Talent Inside Pakatan Harapan Shine

Who’ll filling up the political positions at the new PNB tower?

Though the feudal power structure has been crushed, the remnants still require detection to tell what is what anymore, or not. Rampant, however, the Malaysian thinking that leaders, old and new, are omniscient.

Most WhatsApp groups are rife with issues big and small pertaining to the old order, and messages end with the conviction Mahathir, or as they prefer “Tun” (I can never bring myself to saying it), solves all pronto. Continue reading “Let The Talent Inside Pakatan Harapan Shine”

Flimsy Umno

Zahid, the big boss for now.

At the end of decision day, early in the morning of May 10, while rakyat and pundits were scratching their head guessing the total number of seats Pakatan as a coalition had, one number was rarely mentioned, which is 54.

Which is the number of seats Umno won. The Pakatan and BN overall seat counts aside, they were the largest party in Parliament, on May 10. Continue reading “Flimsy Umno”

You Won, Beautiful Day!

Remember them.





(Praba Ganesan and Yow Hong Chieh)

Welcome to the future.

When the first Portuguese sailors arrived in Malacca, they had no idea about the chain reaction they would have on a whole continent, let alone a later fledgling nation of Malaysia.

For centuries, and appropriately in the last decades, it has been a flat story. Continue reading “You Won, Beautiful Day!”

The personal value of the vote

Waiting not for Godot.

Let’s leave partisanship aside.

There are several types not voting this election.

Those who did not register, probably the ones receiving the least amount of sympathy.

In the opposite end are long term registered voters who can’t be in their locality on voting day. I know a few, and I feel for them.

Between them are overseas voters who did register as postal voters or far from a voting station, and those who registered in the last six months and find themselves not in the electoral roll.

In a country like ours, missing a vote can mean not having a say about your country for ten years.

Two Tamils

My own memories are of my parents. Continue reading “The personal value of the vote”

Just where the buses stop in Alangudi

DEC 30 — My uncle talks about forks on the road of his life — and how he taken more than a few wrong turns.

My brother brings back the stories. He’s not an uncle as much as a cousin to my mom, but since she grew up in the home his father, her uncle built, talking about Alangudi in the Sivaganga District would be wrong if not taking in local ways. Continue reading “Just where the buses stop in Alangudi”