The Effortless Freak From Sungai Besar

October 2017, outside the Selangor government, before crushing the crates of beer he brought. Let’s hope wherever he is there is also beer.

This week I did not need a list to pick from, because Jamal Yunos has become a meme god in Malaysia. It will be impossible to select another who has had excelled in infamy as much as the Sungai Besar man, this week.

Just for that, he is freak of the week, two weeks in a row. A fortnight of Jamal joy.

How can you not find a laugh in his misfortunes? Continue reading “The Effortless Freak From Sungai Besar”

Selangor MB Mystery Continues

There are 56 legislative seats in my home state Selangor.

Half of those seats were won by PKR in the last election. But if we need to be pedantic about, PKR won 51 as Amanah (5), Bersatu (5) and DAP (13) candidates stood under the Keadilan emblem.

They received their Surat Watikah (Candidature Letter) from PKR President Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

In all 56 contests, the Keadilan choice was present.

The frontrunner, Shaharuddin Baharuddin?

With the exception of five seats, Umno (4) and PAS (1), the people were in the majority with the Keadilan. That’s a lot of people to favour one coalition in a state. It’s the strongest win in any state this past election.

I say all this because, the state will have a new mentri besar next month, with the departure of Azmin Ali, but there is no control over the matter for PKR. As in the name the new MB. Continue reading “Selangor MB Mystery Continues”

Tell Us Now, The Next Polling Date

Tell us the renewal date, early.

What do Canada, the US and Cambodia have in common, and Malaysia should have too?

Fixed election dates.

In fact Britain, Germany, Australia and a host of countries have semi-fixed dates, unless snap elections happen.

A fixed election day is a predetermined date, anf a semi-fixed provides for a window — a month perhaps — for the election to occur. Continue reading “Tell Us Now, The Next Polling Date”

Jumping Lawmakers And The Culture Of Absolute Power

The civil servants, still to just serve the master?

Sugut assemblyman Datuk James Ratib (Umno), Pitas assemblyman Datuk Bolkiah Ismail (Umno), Kuala Penyu assemblyman Datuk Limus Jury (Upko) and Kuamut assemblyman Datuk Masiung Banah (Upko) are rumoured to be next to abandon the BN ship for Pakatan.

Most Malaysians won’t remember their names or seat names, come tomorrow, but they are aware of the mass exodus everywhere.

It was expected long before that whenever BN finally loses, their candidates will flee, but the rate is unprecedented. It does not happen in regular democracy, but Malaysia is different kind of democracy. Continue reading “Jumping Lawmakers And The Culture Of Absolute Power”

Soon after Mahathir becomes PM

A new day for Malaysia

What will happen after Mahathir Mohamad is sworn in as the first Pakatan Harapan prime minister?

I mean in the immediate period.

State government stalemates are resolved

Kedah and Perak are on paper in a stalemate. Pakatan is ahead in both, but BN plus PAS can seek to have unity governments, in Perak’s case they’d be over the 30 required. The difference being, BN the junior member in Kedah, and PAS assuming that role in Perak. Continue reading “Soon after Mahathir becomes PM”

Vote Buying Is Malaysian Culture

Always sunny in Dusun Tua.

Your vote is there to be bought.

That is the key message both coalitions have brought this election. It appears either Malaysian politics has not matured, or politicians believes Malaysians by large are not mature, or perhaps it’s a bit of both.

Either way, the lead up to this election, with the manifestos left aside, has been the focus on what can be given. Continue reading “Vote Buying Is Malaysian Culture”

Hey Tony, We Love The Country Too

Screenshot of the video negarakru backing the prime minister and BN

Dear Tony,

It is not new for you to back the Barisan Nasional government, even back in 2008 you were stumping for them.

It is bloody murder if you are in corporate Malaysia and dare support anyone other than BN, so I can understand why corporate leaders like yourself stand behind the establishment. Continue reading “Hey Tony, We Love The Country Too”