Will Rosmah Melt?

Rosmah, always in charge, always in power.

In the hours to come, Rosmah Mansor goes to meet the anti-corruption investigators at their offices.

It’s regarding her and SRC International.

A country waits in anticipation.

While Najib Razak, has been the real centre of the developments for the last three weeks, the hush is far more pronounced with what will come today.

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Freak Of The Week

Jamal went too far when he got beer involved. The Umno division chief breaking beer bottles outside the Selangor Government Building, October 2017

At the pace things are moving in the country, citizens who turn off their smartphone for an hour, risk missing an earth-shattering moment in Malaysian history. It’s just gripping stuff.

So perhaps for these weeks to come, where so many are hyperventilating with each development, we’ll need a Freak of the Week.

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Curly’s advice for GST

It's always just one thing... Jack Palance as Curly in City Slickers 1991
It’s always just one thing… Jack Palance as Curly in City Slickers 1991

This column first appeared on the Malay Mail Online on May 21, 2015.

MAY 22 — Dilbear Singh’s conundrum is making him go nuts, or more like drawn away from the fried sort. The Air Force pensioner’s local — and favourite — kacang putih (nut snacks) vendor is charging his patrons Goods and Services Tax (GST). So, the five-ringgit fried peanuts come with the additional six per cent handwritten on the receipt, not a machine-issued one.

This has irked the serviceman who before helped planes land—and presumably take off — in the Signals Corp for 22 years.

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This column first appeared on The Malay Mail Online on January 22, 2015. The link is here.


They stand together, but they say the same things?
They stand together, but they say the same things?

JANUARY 22 — The year is 22 days old and already the prime minister has changed the Budget — and a third of a million of Malaysians are trying to get back on their feet after they were forced to swim from their living room to the kitchen if they wanted to make tea.

Malaysia is — tragically perhaps in most cases — filled to the brim with endless possibilities.

And Pakatan politicians, old and new, have returned like gunslingers to score fresh points to chip away at the Barisan Nasional juggernaut. Continue reading

Eating Politics, in halal format

Food is a national obsession, yet in the same vein a stark mirror to the divided nature of our country.

In Malaysia the preparation, serving and consumption of food has reached an endemic level, where the mere errors of perception can lead to horrific outcomes. We are paranoia central, here in Malaysia.

In the 1980s the KFC chicken scare – where the halal issue of the meat was questioned – made people desert the franchise. Continue reading “Eating Politics, in halal format”

Give us the Lingam Report

“The four-volume report(The Lingam Tape Royal Commission Tape” will be sold at RM542.10 and be available next week from the government printers.”

“……the Prime Minister’s Department today filed a police report against several newspapers for publishing details of the commission’s report before it was made public.

The Star, New Straits Times, Berita Harian and Sin Chew Daily had earlier published reports revealing the commission’s findings and recommendations.” ( Malaysiakini, 16 May 2008. -Commission: Act against Dr M, five others-)

Well the commission’s report is out, and we have to give a big shout out to the Star for being the first to disclose its content, which led to the other dailies following suit, and therefore forcing the government to making the public completely public. Continue reading “Give us the Lingam Report”