2008 in review Pt 4: Umno, PKR and tentativeness

(Four parts : This 4th part looks the Umno nominations and the year end subterfuges)

The final quarter of 2008 was a bit of getting back to old basics, but with a twist.

When Umno elections are around the corner, all party members let go of all other preoccupations and focus on it. A position in the party, gives you political import. It is so vital to political viability that players would give up their place in parliament if it meant keeping your supreme council seat. Continue reading “2008 in review Pt 4: Umno, PKR and tentativeness”

2008 in review Pt 3 – All about Anwar

(four parts: part 3 , talking about the months of july to september)

Any casual reader of Malaysian newspapers for the third quarter of 2008 would be comprehensively confused. There were developments but they had to be seen through the lenses of the situation preceding and the players involved.

Easy for avid soap opera viewers, not so for the rest of us, however a recurring theme during those heated months was Anwar Ibrahim. Continue reading “2008 in review Pt 3 – All about Anwar”

What you thinking Prime Minister?

Abdullah Badawi has been against the ropes for the better part of six months, and surely he must set the agenda –  for a change.

Everything he has done in the past months have been pure reactions, and nothing more.

And yet when he has the chance to end the whole matter – batter the external attacks – before he can squash the internal Umno rumblings he backs down. What manner of man are we dealing with? Continue reading “What you thinking Prime Minister?”

Historical distortions

The prime minister I am always falsely convinced has hit his nadir, but Abdullah Badawi will always find a way to outdo his previous gaffes and misjudgements with ease that the rest of us can only say is the sign of a drunken bumble-bee.

“We should all stop inciting race matters.” My good man – you go over to Penang, get your picture ops with the 13 division heads because you don’t want to upset these men, and ask the rest of us to shut up. I’ve never thought of Badawi as the prime minister of all Malaysians – nor have I regarded the ones before him – but surely for the rest of Malaysia who still insist on it, the proof is now irrefutable; for Badawi the Umno vote comes first. The rest of us can just stand in line and wait for his mercy. Continue reading “Historical distortions”