Anwar For President, PKR For Democracy

Anwar (front right) walks to the limelight as wife, Wan Azizah, stays a step behind, as she will this PKR election

Anwar Ibrahim vacates PKR’s de facto leader position.

Meaning, he’ll win or lose the party party presidency early October, but either way he ceases to be the party’s unelected leader.

It is a great moment for my party, to forward itself as a party of substance.

While it is no secret over the party’s formation,since then, various factions and in case of Parti Rakyat Malaysia,even a party, came together to realise a better Malaysia through this vehicle.

This elusive vehicle filled with strange bedfellows.

Anwaristas, Anwar’s family, Umno veterans, Islamists, Secular Liberalists, activists, internationalists and more. Continue reading “Anwar For President, PKR For Democracy”


The Selangor Power Mess

The Johor born MB of Selangor, Amiruddin Shari

To say it stinks, it would be kind.

In the same day, Selangor swears in its new mentri besar, a challenge is already underway.

Before that an advisory.

I wants to say two things, firstly, I have no mentri besar preference. So I can’t be arsed about the camps, but really, seriously, do it openly without drama. Continue reading “The Selangor Power Mess”

Umno President Death Race

Used to be a huge deal, the Umno general assembly, but this season RTM is busier showing the World Cup.

Everyday #MalaysiaBaru offers political writers enough fuel power a space rocket, and at this rate, all the way to Pluto.

Hitherto, in 72 years of existence, a total of *four men have ever challenged for the Umno presidency, otherwise incumbents or the anointed ones win without a contest.

The all so famous “Umno” no contest culture.

Today, ** seven men dare to defy the culture, and vie for the overall leadership. Continue reading “Umno President Death Race”

Memorable Quotes Since Election Day

Wins in term of quotes which can be repeated.

“Australia will miss him even if, right now, his own people might not.”

Tony Abbott, (May 10, 2018) ex-PM of Australia on Najib Razak in the aftermath of Malaysia’s historical election.

“We can’t say ‘abracadabra’ and everything will happen. It takes time.”

Mahathir Mohamad, (May 13, 2018) when explaining why the full Cabinet announcement is taking time. Continue reading “Memorable Quotes Since Election Day”

Selangor MB Mystery Continues

There are 56 legislative seats in my home state Selangor.

Half of those seats were won by PKR in the last election. But if we need to be pedantic about, PKR won 51 as Amanah (5), Bersatu (5) and DAP (13) candidates stood under the Keadilan emblem.

They received their Surat Watikah (Candidature Letter) from PKR President Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

In all 56 contests, the Keadilan choice was present.

The frontrunner, Shaharuddin Baharuddin?

With the exception of five seats, Umno (4) and PAS (1), the people were in the majority with the Keadilan. That’s a lot of people to favour one coalition in a state. It’s the strongest win in any state this past election.

I say all this because, the state will have a new mentri besar next month, with the departure of Azmin Ali, but there is no control over the matter for PKR. As in the name the new MB. Continue reading “Selangor MB Mystery Continues”

Rebel With A Cause

With my grandma in our ancestral home, in Alangudi.

A reader told me. In a tweet, no less. It was bit of a kind way to say that I am full of faeces.

Apparently, all this while, I have been critical of my party, and the coalition, which is in power.

(Let’s scratch “apparently” from the sentence.)

Clarify further, up to the point that they were in opposition. Continue reading “Rebel With A Cause”

Soon after Mahathir becomes PM

A new day for Malaysia

What will happen after Mahathir Mohamad is sworn in as the first Pakatan Harapan prime minister?

I mean in the immediate period.

State government stalemates are resolved

Kedah and Perak are on paper in a stalemate. Pakatan is ahead in both, but BN plus PAS can seek to have unity governments, in Perak’s case they’d be over the 30 required. The difference being, BN the junior member in Kedah, and PAS assuming that role in Perak. Continue reading “Soon after Mahathir becomes PM”