Where will the empire (Umno) strike back?

May 20 — If Umno wants to turn 2009 around to its favour, what should it do? Meaning, where will the empire strike back?

So I’ll put on my Umno thinking cap on. Continue reading “Where will the empire (Umno) strike back?”


Khairy goes into the Najib cabinet

APRIL 9 — When time comes for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak to name his new cabinet, that list will most likely have the name of Khairy Jamaluddin on it.

Most political observers have claimed the Umno youth chief will be ignored openly in order for Najib to keep his reform agenda credible and appease Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, whose extent of influence in the new administration will manifest itself in the coming weeks.

Therefore discarding Khairy is a no-brainer, if you think along those lines. Continue reading “Khairy goes into the Najib cabinet”

2008 in review Pt 3 – All about Anwar

(four parts: part 3 , talking about the months of july to september)

Any casual reader of Malaysian newspapers for the third quarter of 2008 would be comprehensively confused. There were developments but they had to be seen through the lenses of the situation preceding and the players involved.

Easy for avid soap opera viewers, not so for the rest of us, however a recurring theme during those heated months was Anwar Ibrahim. Continue reading “2008 in review Pt 3 – All about Anwar”

Cheque-book Najib

If you are not an Anwarista, you might want to be one now. In a cloak and dagger manoeuvre to retain power in his own party, Abdullah Badawi has given the Finance Ministry to Najib Razak.

Were you a romantic – you might think how so poetic, the son of the Umno man that set out to grab the finance portfolio from MCA forever, is finance minister now.

Tears rolling, grab the Kleenex.

Are you a worrier? Then worry on. Mr 10 percent now gets to write the national cheques. No more will he worry about getting around the prime minister or anyone before he goes shopping. Continue reading “Cheque-book Najib”