Where will the empire (Umno) strike back?

May 20 — If Umno wants to turn 2009 around to its favour, what should it do? Meaning, where will the empire strike back?

So I’ll put on my Umno thinking cap on. Continue reading “Where will the empire (Umno) strike back?”


Muhyiddin’s Super guide to being an ISA assemblyman (here’s looking at you Mano)

It is a dead tiring Tuesday night, and the only thing, the only thing that stands between me and that bed of mine is this niggling thought about what deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin said in the New Straits Times today.

I mean the deputy prime minister if he was not just being cute, was hilarious, when he said ISA was not a good enough reason for politicians to not fulfil their political obligations as elected representatives — circa Kota Alam Shah assemblyman M Manoharan in Kamunting under government assisted extended retreated in the north.

So here we go, what we think would be Muhyiddin’s guide to serving while in ISA or The super duper Johor Umno philosophical guide to serving your ecstatic electorate during your stint in federal penitentiary. Continue reading “Muhyiddin’s Super guide to being an ISA assemblyman (here’s looking at you Mano)”

Our date with destiny

I had a good lunch.

A sort of epiphany occurred. Someone asked me, why Anwar? Why indeed.

I believe the people in PWTC have got things quite wrong. They believe Anwar is the movement. He is not, he is the symbol of the movement – the movement remains above the scrutiny of those in power, since it is the culmination of 60 years of suppression. Continue reading “Our date with destiny”

Fear Reign Stays (Past Writings)

Just something I put together after the series of open dissent in Malaysia, in December 2007. Ok for a backread.

We cannot live in fear indefinitely.

There are many things wrong in the world, but when the people running this country parade to us all that can go wrong, and may go wrong and can in some shape or form become wrong; to induce fear in us, our lives are being compromised. Continue reading “Fear Reign Stays (Past Writings)”