Where is the Pakatan candidate list?

ROMPIN 05 MEI 2015.Voters queue at SK Pontian to cast their vote. NSTP/Effendy Rashid

One of the cornerstones of Bersih campaigns is to increase campaign periods.

The allegation is a far too short campaign period is unfair to non-incumbents. To get the candidate known, to work the ground as the candidate and help voters reach an informed choice, takes time, they say.

It is a cornerstone, not the only pillar of Bersih’s efforts. Continue reading “Where is the Pakatan candidate list?”

Muhyiddin’s Super guide to being an ISA assemblyman (here’s looking at you Mano)

It is a dead tiring Tuesday night, and the only thing, the only thing that stands between me and that bed of mine is this niggling thought about what deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin said in the New Straits Times today.

I mean the deputy prime minister if he was not just being cute, was hilarious, when he said ISA was not a good enough reason for politicians to not fulfil their political obligations as elected representatives — circa Kota Alam Shah assemblyman M Manoharan in Kamunting under government assisted extended retreated in the north.

So here we go, what we think would be Muhyiddin’s guide to serving while in ISA or The super duper Johor Umno philosophical guide to serving your ecstatic electorate during your stint in federal penitentiary. Continue reading “Muhyiddin’s Super guide to being an ISA assemblyman (here’s looking at you Mano)”