Our date with destiny

I had a good lunch.

A sort of epiphany occurred. Someone asked me, why Anwar? Why indeed.

I believe the people in PWTC have got things quite wrong. They believe Anwar is the movement. He is not, he is the symbol of the movement – the movement remains above the scrutiny of those in power, since it is the culmination of 60 years of suppression. Continue reading “Our date with destiny”

Night Vigil For Raja Petra

In what is commonly a desolate spot on Wednesdays, the front gate drive way of the Sungai Buloh Prison, lights replaced that desolation. People came from far to show their solidarity for incarcerated blogger, Raja Petra.

The style and demeanour of Raja Petra is not necessarily the perfect cup of tea for many people, however having him persecuted for being a political commentator, does ask for any Malaysian who believes in democratic space to raise a collective fist together to ask the powers that be again and again until they provide an answer to our question, “Why?” Continue reading “Night Vigil For Raja Petra”