How much money to win an election?

Driven past one lately?

It is a difficult topic to get into, and also one to lose the attention of readers.

Because, when it is about political fundraising, it is the issue where the narrative is similar and shared around but never debated, not in the way it needs to be.

I see the prime minister’s party picture and his party’s emblem and messages all over. By the roads, next to building, when I’m surfing YouTube and when clicking any app.

These things cost a lot of money, especially when it is done at the scale underway, and there are nine days left. Which means, more media pounding.

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This column first appeared on The Malay Mail Online on January 22, 2015. The link is here.


They stand together, but they say the same things?
They stand together, but they say the same things?

JANUARY 22 — The year is 22 days old and already the prime minister has changed the Budget — and a third of a million of Malaysians are trying to get back on their feet after they were forced to swim from their living room to the kitchen if they wanted to make tea.

Malaysia is — tragically perhaps in most cases — filled to the brim with endless possibilities.

And Pakatan politicians, old and new, have returned like gunslingers to score fresh points to chip away at the Barisan Nasional juggernaut. Continue reading

No one puts Kamalanathan in a corner!

APRIL 22 – The Hulu Selangor by-election is about to hit its home straight, and in typical Malaysian style we are nowhere to knowing what will happen, since in typical Malaysian fashion the voters are keeping their know views close to their chests.

One certainty is the folk up here never got that much of ‘outsiders’ as much as they have in the weeks past.  The hotels, motels, shoplots, parking lots and snooker spots must have all filled up and money being a non-issue. You can say, in the last week or so, no one went hungry.  Continue reading “No one puts Kamalanathan in a corner!”

Perak – The Rock Opera (courtesy of the Beatles)

May 15 — Let’s skip the hackneyed rigmarole on Perak, and talk about the Beatles. Songs from the Beatles (and album) that do represent the developments in Perak. I’ve listed them, and they don’t follow a logical pattern. It helps heaps if you know your Beatles.

I want you (She’s so heavy) — Abbey Road

The collective feeling of Umno politicians towards Perak after they lost it to Pakatan Rakyat on March 8, 2008.
“I want you, I want you so bad
It’s driving me mad, it’s driving me mad.”
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No country for hate men

May 8 — Umno — for a party that abuses the word “struggle” assiduously, as the principle, key and drive for the party, Umno doesn’t allow other people’s struggles that much space.

That is why they really, really don’t get it.

And that is why the party is heading to a tipping point, and the possibility of losing federal government growing real by the day. Continue reading “No country for hate men”

Najib sidesteps reality

APRIL 17 — They say the righteous man feels a pang of shame — a deeply imbued inadequacy. It is not that what he preaches is wrong, flawed or deceitful. Quite the contrary.

He feels he struggles to meet those ideals himself. The words are prophetically radiating from the mountain top, and they are his own words. But he struggles to reach the perch himself.

So will Najib Razak in the weeks to come, feel that burden of promise, for he prescribed an idea beyond and above his own personal convictions — 1 Malaysia. The trouble to begin with is his predecessor did unintentionally bring to the fore, prevailing universal ideas of rights of man.   Continue reading “Najib sidesteps reality”