Bumiputera Congress Farce: Have we ever left the 1960s?

Getting the game plan sorted. Anwar chats with Mahathir at the congress at the KLCC.

While the Malay vote was split three ways at the last election, it has not fazed Pakatan Harapan’s unquenchable priority to dominate Malay support.

But let’s remove the facade, about this congress

It was a Malay agenda event, not a bumiputera agenda setting congress. The double speak of using the Borneo population to up the relevance of the numbers, in terms of population percentage and also the size of poverty is very old.

Perhaps it should be discarded? Because uplifting all of the Bumiputera was not the point.

Power of the economy minister.

As EPU points to 71% of the B-40 are Bumiputera, as a basis of urgency for this congress, it does not distinguish between how much of the 71% is Malay, as opposed to non-Malay Bumiputera (read Melanau, Kadazan, Iban, Bidayuh, Murut, Siamese, Eurasian and Orang Asli, for instance). Continue reading “Bumiputera Congress Farce: Have we ever left the 1960s?”

Public Policies Suffer From Toxic Racism

Bad policies don’t bring us home.

Race is overemphasised in how power is delegated in Malaysia.

Notice the developments.

Mahathir Mohamad’s main lieutenant Daim Zainuddin had to reassure the Malay Contractors’ Association.

A group, in the guise of a collection of NGOs, has urged the government to not go down the local elections route, because it might mean non-Malay mayors.

Anwar Ibrahim has since his release spoken about how Malays have to be comforted in these new hazy dizzying days. Continue reading “Public Policies Suffer From Toxic Racism”

Race sticker (sticky race?)

Driving in some crazy KL traffic, I had the strange honour of being behind a small but new car. It had a new sticker too.

It read: UiTM, Hak Melayu, dan bumiputera. (UiTM, a Malay right, and bumiputera)

There were few things to notice other than the actual text alone. For example making the distinction between Malays and Bumiputeras when saying Bumiputera would suffice in the conventional context of for whom UiTM is for, and that they put in prominent font the words ‘ Hak Melayu’. Continue reading “Race sticker (sticky race?)”