Get on the train

Fill them up.

The RM100 monthly travel pass will change lives in Greater Kuala Lumpur, but it will require effort from all of us.

The new policy, come January 1 2019, covers train and bus rides.

A person living in Cheras, closer to Kajang, with the closest MRT station Sungai Jernih and works in SS2 in Petaling Jaya, presently has to cough up RM10.60 per day (Feeder Bus – Sungai Jernih MRT – Phileo Damansara MRT -Feeder Bus), and with about 22 days of work per month, ends with a RM233.20 bill. This excludes after work travel, lunch trips, work trips and weekend excursions.

It can be upwards of to RM300 per month. Continue reading “Get on the train”

Bus Going Bust – Part Two

The only way any public transportation system works is if there is real commitment.

A commitment from government to see it through, a commitment from agencies/contractors involved in the delivery and most of all from the ticket buyer.

Now everyone will be more than happy to sign on the pledge, but they have to think
State as a country, we will rely on public transportation, use it, and then people will follow suit. Continue reading “Bus Going Bust – Part Two”

Bus going Bust – Part One

Judging by the number of people standing by the side of Puduraya now, hoping rather than waiting for their buses – since they bought their ticket off a guy who looks like he just robbed a liquor store – you can sense their apprehension.

But the apprehension is for every Malaysian who has to rely on public transportation – cross state or across your taman. Continue reading “Bus going Bust – Part One”

Free market driven transportation

In Manila, one can get from door-step to door-step using public transportation. There is the little matter of traffic induced by the haphazard transporters, but surely they are better off than our people waiting in bus stops for buses that never come.

Metro Manila has about 25 million people during the day, and the vast majority of them do not own vehicles. The city relies on a series of market forces driven solutions.  I know,  I lived there  for three years. Continue reading “Free market driven transportation”