Rapid KL T405 bus service failure

11am, Nov 3 2011

Alam Jaya Bus Station

The 30,000 residents of greater Cuepacs Cheras (Mudun, Permata, Cuepacs, Venice Hill etc) of more than 20 residential areas have long suffered from inadequate service from Rapid KL’s

T405 service.

It is compounded by the fact T405 is only a loop service, so for the many waiting for hours for a bus, they have to connect to another transport vehicle for the remainder of their trip. A short bus loop is technically seen as a way to reduce the wait time because there is less distance and therefore time between buses. However there two buses slated for the people of this area have been quite haphazard.

The key problems being:

The Infrequent buses — The buses are not operating anywhere close to the bus schedule as promised by Rapid KL. The two buses allocated for our area on most days make residents wait for more than an hour for a bus. The service has deteriorated markedly over the fasting month. Continue reading “PRESS RELEASE BY CUEPACS CHERAS COMMUNITY CENTRE (4C)”

Free market driven transportation

In Manila, one can get from door-step to door-step using public transportation. There is the little matter of traffic induced by the haphazard transporters, but surely they are better off than our people waiting in bus stops for buses that never come.

Metro Manila has about 25 million people during the day, and the vast majority of them do not own vehicles. The city relies on a series of market forces driven solutions.  I know,  I lived there  for three years. Continue reading “Free market driven transportation”