Public Policies Suffer From Toxic Racism

Bad policies don’t bring us home.

Race is overemphasised in how power is delegated in Malaysia.

Notice the developments.

Mahathir Mohamad’s main lieutenant Daim Zainuddin had to reassure the Malay Contractors’ Association.

A group, in the guise of a collection of NGOs, has urged the government to not go down the local elections route, because it might mean non-Malay mayors.

Anwar Ibrahim has since his release spoken about how Malays have to be comforted in these new hazy dizzying days. Continue reading “Public Policies Suffer From Toxic Racism”

Crocodile Tears For Daim, Rais and Rafidah

Not so much fun when the shoe is on the other foot, eh, Rafidah?

Former ministers for finance, information and trade were sacked by their political party due to their overt support of an ex-prime minister, by the party president, who is the prime minister.

Sounds vindictive, big time. And it is, but is it cruel?

Major corporate personalities who’ve gained their wealth through their blind and absolute support for Umno were ejected from the party when they veered away from the basic approach of the party, to have blind and absolute support for Umno. By Umno, it means the president. Continue reading “Crocodile Tears For Daim, Rais and Rafidah”

Political Parcheesi

Now that we have the ‘great Ezam back to the UMNO tale’ building momentum, then skidding off the mountain only then to reconstruct some traction with the fear of everything derailing again, we are left with the same sense of suspense.

Suspense is synonymous with Malaysian political faces today. Ezam, all apologies attached, is the least important of the potential migrations to occur in the next few months. Let’s do some guesswork of who could be next. Continue reading “Political Parcheesi”