Democratic Arsenal

Uniformed personnel must follow orders.

Let’s study that statement, especially in lieu of the increasing discussions on the role of security forces – both police, military, and even to a lesser extent Rela.

The chain of command analysis. My mate was quite adamant that you cannot fault Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) teams for spraying chemical lace water jets on women and children participating in peaceful assemblies. Continue reading “Democratic Arsenal”


Spoilt political children

Last week a political attache – who has been in Malaysia for close to two years – quizzed me on why so many people are making a big deal about the oil hikes. She still sees so many people at the KLCC during the weekend and its accompanying traffic.

All the Malaysians were equal in challenging her view, since we could not find confidence in her analysis. We know what things are like at different ends of KL. Continue reading “Spoilt political children”