You Won, Beautiful Day!

Remember them.





(Praba Ganesan and Yow Hong Chieh)

Welcome to the future.

When the first Portuguese sailors arrived in Malacca, they had no idea about the chain reaction they would have on a whole continent, let alone a later fledgling nation of Malaysia.

For centuries, and appropriately in the last decades, it has been a flat story. Continue reading “You Won, Beautiful Day!”


Hey Tony, We Love The Country Too

Screenshot of the video negarakru backing the prime minister and BN

Dear Tony,

It is not new for you to back the Barisan Nasional government, even back in 2008 you were stumping for them.

It is bloody murder if you are in corporate Malaysia and dare support anyone other than BN, so I can understand why corporate leaders like yourself stand behind the establishment. Continue reading “Hey Tony, We Love The Country Too”

Crocodile Tears For Daim, Rais and Rafidah

Not so much fun when the shoe is on the other foot, eh, Rafidah?

Former ministers for finance, information and trade were sacked by their political party due to their overt support of an ex-prime minister, by the party president, who is the prime minister.

Sounds vindictive, big time. And it is, but is it cruel?

Major corporate personalities who’ve gained their wealth through their blind and absolute support for Umno were ejected from the party when they veered away from the basic approach of the party, to have blind and absolute support for Umno. By Umno, it means the president. Continue reading “Crocodile Tears For Daim, Rais and Rafidah”

The love hate BN media circus is in full flight

Only BN can believe they can threaten and charm the people at the same time, and the rakyat will take no umbrage from it.

Since May started, the attack ads have popped up, but so have the softer youth campaign for votes.

They apparently want the young to be hip and worldly, captivated by the BN-aligned NegaraKru channel, and then remain angry and wary about Pakatan Harapan as in with GK14.  Continue reading “The love hate BN media circus is in full flight”

The vote calculator

You rather your MP here speaking or back in a ditch looking like the local help?

What to consider when voting?

This column offers five lenses to look through and shape the decision. It is for the voter to decide which is more important, or if several of them do in degrees. Or none of them do.

Of whether to look at it conceptually, a binary challenge, CV, strategic and on principle.

Here we begin concepts. The rest will follow soon. Continue reading “The vote calculator”

Fear, fear and more fear: The history of elections in Malaysia

The air up there! Cheaper flights mean easier exits?

“Don’t be in Kuala Lumpur, after a general election.”

It has been shared through the decades, and apparently carries force as tales of the upwardly mobile set to flee KL after voting on the morning of May 9, reach me. Some, they add, won’t even bother to vote. This is not the first election I have heard of strategic family trips to coincide with polling day.

Does it still merit notice in 2018, and can we excuse the temerity?

[The capital city witnessed race riots after the 1969 General Elections, which has in ensuing elections has always raised the spectre of violence, around electiont time.]

Let’s be honest, fear is an overpowering sentiment.

Continue reading “Fear, fear and more fear: The history of elections in Malaysia”

How much money to win an election?

Driven past one lately?

It is a difficult topic to get into, and also one to lose the attention of readers.

Because, when it is about political fundraising, it is the issue where the narrative is similar and shared around but never debated, not in the way it needs to be.

I see the prime minister’s party picture and his party’s emblem and messages all over. By the roads, next to building, when I’m surfing YouTube and when clicking any app.

These things cost a lot of money, especially when it is done at the scale underway, and there are nine days left. Which means, more media pounding.

Be mindful, the media overkill is a financial commitment. Continue reading “How much money to win an election?”