Muhyiddin’s Super guide to being an ISA assemblyman (here’s looking at you Mano)

It is a dead tiring Tuesday night, and the only thing, the only thing that stands between me and that bed of mine is this niggling thought about what deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin said in the New Straits Times today.

I mean the deputy prime minister if he was not just being cute, was hilarious, when he said ISA was not a good enough reason for politicians to not fulfil their political obligations as elected representatives — circa Kota Alam Shah assemblyman M Manoharan in Kamunting under government assisted extended retreated in the north.

So here we go, what we think would be Muhyiddin’s guide to serving while in ISA or The super duper Johor Umno philosophical guide to serving your ecstatic electorate during your stint in federal penitentiary. Continue reading “Muhyiddin’s Super guide to being an ISA assemblyman (here’s looking at you Mano)”

Who will Hisham Hussein arrest first?

APRIL 16— After an eternity in the ministry of education, where he managed to promise people indefinitely that he would try to bring policies that will stop the muck education is in for decades — now he can start to play police and thief, as the home minister.

So Hishamuddin ‘Always endeavouring to look strong and manly by gripping effeminately phallic symbols like keris’ Hussein, is now the man sent to replace baldy.

It is too tempting to not guess who is on the printed list Hisham places under his pillow nightly, hoping it would give a sense of strength in his dreams. Continue reading “Who will Hisham Hussein arrest first?”

ISA, our shield from terror – Najib jokes

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, wisdom from our incoming prime minister.

“There is a very strong raison d’etre for the Internal Security Act. Just look at Mumbai and you realise that we cannot take security lightly.

“The main reason why there have been no serious acts of terrorism in this country is because we have in place the ISA.”

(speaking when on the Riz Khan Show on Al-Jazeera as reported by the New Straits Times- Dec 1 2008)

Najib Abdul Razak, the Blue Ocean Strategy driven Pekan MP and now finance minister – to top his deputy prime ministership, feels that the scourge threatening peace worldwide evades Malaysia, because we have the ISA. Continue reading “ISA, our shield from terror – Najib jokes”

Loco Syed Hamid

The home minister is a man for all seasons – since they’d need a fool for all types of events, rituals and effigy modelling all year round.

I truly believe Syed Hamid Albar is an elaborate plan by Umno to scare everyone that if everyone keeps pushing them around, they’ll put him as prime minister.

It’s the whole “If you don’t like Najib/Abdullah/Mahathir we will let Hamid run the country, so you better toe the line.” Continue reading “Loco Syed Hamid”

Gatecrashing for a voice

Syed Hamid Albar – I try not to mock him too much since he is an easy prey – was aghast with the Hindraf supporters who decided to go see the prime minister for his open house on raya first day. He was absolutely livid about it, and my thoughts are, why does the good minister think that he has more rights to see the prime minister than these voters – for an open house that asks all Malaysians to come over? Continue reading “Gatecrashing for a voice”

Hindraf 5 – Let them out!

I’ve held back from saying anything over the matter since so many other people have already covered the matter quite extensively. So I’ll make the admission, there might nothing new in the lines below.

However when a state incarcerates people – fathers, sons, voters, taxpayers – for their political beliefs, then the rest must rise and say no! And it does not matter how many times you will say it. We’ll just tire those who hold the keys and make them let them out, just to shut us up. Continue reading “Hindraf 5 – Let them out!”