Where will the empire (Umno) strike back?

May 20 — If Umno wants to turn 2009 around to its favour, what should it do? Meaning, where will the empire strike back?

So I’ll put on my Umno thinking cap on. Continue reading “Where will the empire (Umno) strike back?”

No country for hate men

May 8 — Umno — for a party that abuses the word “struggle” assiduously, as the principle, key and drive for the party, Umno doesn’t allow other people’s struggles that much space.

That is why they really, really don’t get it.

And that is why the party is heading to a tipping point, and the possibility of losing federal government growing real by the day. Continue reading “No country for hate men”

Who will Hisham Hussein arrest first?

APRIL 16— After an eternity in the ministry of education, where he managed to promise people indefinitely that he would try to bring policies that will stop the muck education is in for decades — now he can start to play police and thief, as the home minister.

So Hishamuddin ‘Always endeavouring to look strong and manly by gripping effeminately phallic symbols like keris’ Hussein, is now the man sent to replace baldy.

It is too tempting to not guess who is on the printed list Hisham places under his pillow nightly, hoping it would give a sense of strength in his dreams. Continue reading “Who will Hisham Hussein arrest first?”

The Great Youth Leader

46 for Umno and 33 for PKR.

This might be the first thing Umno might have over PKR for the longest time, and its not a good thing really. Those are the ages of the respective youth leaders for their parties. 46 for Hisham and 33 for Shamsul Iskandar. That is not youth, that’s middle management (middle management for a long time for Hisham if you look at the way he is running Ministry of Education), that’s a wife and two kids, that’s moving to your apartment in Kota Kamuning. Continue reading “The Great Youth Leader”