This column first appeared in The Malay Mail Online. It is reproduced here.


Be careful, there are worst things than being a heart donor
Be careful, there are worst things than being a heart donor

FEBRUARY 5 — Have a look at the date again — the fifth day of the second month in 2015.

Nine days to Valentine’s Day and the naysayers have not started with their tirade over the dual — real or imagined — threat of fornication and layered proselytisation through the reference of a till lately, obscure Christian saint. Phew!

They are starting late this year, but don’t doubt them, they will start even if they sound like broken records — to sympathisers and supporters alike.

(Talking about Valentine’s, I really don’t want to know how ISIS will be observing it this year in order to warn Muslims worldwide away from performing unsanctioned love acts. I can suggest some nasty “ideas” as a joke, but I fear — through the mysterious powers of the Internet— somehow they’d hear about it, and actually carry them out. Those ISIS dudes, they raise “doing” to a whole new stratosphere.)

Over here in Malaysia, it has become an annual ritual — I know, it’s cute, a ritual to fight a ritual — to demonise those who are inclined to dating on the day. Continue reading

Hogs, values, niceties and other distractions

Homer Simpson with "spider-pig" from Simpsons the movie, courtesy of Fox

This was first seen at The Malaysian Insider, July 2 2009. I’m putting up my old copies up. Some of the information, ideas and thoughts may be dated in retrospect.

DEC 15 — No two persons would agree on most things, with some of those contentions separated by a values abyss. It would seem on the face of it that resolutions for those fundamental contentions would be improbable, if not impossible.

Relationships are never easy, but they are necessary. Continue reading “Hogs, values, niceties and other distractions”

Religious conversion — heaving under heaven’s door

The cabinet decision to have a blanket, “You (the minor) will be raised in the faith of your parents at point of marriage, if a dispute arises over you following the conversion of one parent to Islam”, justifiably provides solace to some and raises ire in others.
It does resolve some problems while at the same time inevitably creates a few new ones.
The cabinet has let the nation down, and it is not the first time in recent times. Continue reading “Religious conversion — heaving under heaven’s door”

Rights debates are indivisible

There is a rights disconnect in Malaysia.

Much of the debate is mismatched – and the debate as usual is Islam.

On one corner there is the Islam first group. It is important to note that they are not all the Muslims in the country, just the percentage of Muslims who feel all things must generate and begin with the Islam question.

For example, for them to know God (let’s suspend our logical contentions for now) comes before knowing anything. Continue reading “Rights debates are indivisible”