Umno President Death Race

Used to be a huge deal, the Umno general assembly, but this season RTM is busier showing the World Cup.

Everyday #MalaysiaBaru offers political writers enough fuel power a space rocket, and at this rate, all the way to Pluto.

Hitherto, in 72 years of existence, a total of *four men have ever challenged for the Umno presidency, otherwise incumbents or the anointed ones win without a contest.

The all so famous “Umno” no contest culture.

Today, ** seven men dare to defy the culture, and vie for the overall leadership. Continue reading “Umno President Death Race”


Flimsy Umno

Zahid, the big boss for now.

At the end of decision day, early in the morning of May 10, while rakyat and pundits were scratching their head guessing the total number of seats Pakatan as a coalition had, one number was rarely mentioned, which is 54.

Which is the number of seats Umno won. The Pakatan and BN overall seat counts aside, they were the largest party in Parliament, on May 10. Continue reading “Flimsy Umno”

Khairy goes into the Najib cabinet

APRIL 9 — When time comes for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak to name his new cabinet, that list will most likely have the name of Khairy Jamaluddin on it.

Most political observers have claimed the Umno youth chief will be ignored openly in order for Najib to keep his reform agenda credible and appease Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, whose extent of influence in the new administration will manifest itself in the coming weeks.

Therefore discarding Khairy is a no-brainer, if you think along those lines. Continue reading “Khairy goes into the Najib cabinet”

Superdebate teammates (pairing politicians)

The Worlds University Debating Championship uses a four team westminster parliamentary format for competitions, with each team comprising two persons. In light of the end of the our own parliamentary session, I figured it would be cool to see who’d make great team mates, and great opponents.

The first proposing team is called opening government, the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister team up. I can’t see Badawi and Najib together too long, so I am going to make Abdullah the speaker of the house since he likes to watch and at times pretend to watch while asleep. Either way Badawi is a great viewer of things. Continue reading “Superdebate teammates (pairing politicians)”