How Great An Average Speech Can Be (The Malaysian 2019 Budget Presentation)

Getting ready for the show at Putrajaya.

We crossed a threshold today. All of us.

There’s the budget, for sure, but along with the RM100 bus passes, RM20 from PTPTN borrowers if they can earn RM1001 a month and the fuel subsidy for the needy, came that moment. One which will long live in our memories.

Since Malaysian budgets were presented in Malay, predating the Tan Siew Sin days in a different Malaysia, and most certainly on live TV, never was a sight as such was to behold: A full chamber listen to a man present with no alacrity  for the language of his country, present the national budget for his country.

There were the potshots, like the tweet about being amused over the way the finance minister pronounced ringgit. Continue reading “How Great An Average Speech Can Be (The Malaysian 2019 Budget Presentation)”

Lim Guan Eng Should Apologise

A free man, but a shadow looms from the court outcome.

How can he not?

The Penang High Court acquitted the freshman Finance Minister, Lim Guan Eng, of corruption involving the purchase of a home at below market price from an interested party, Phang Li Koon, because Guan Eng had approved her land conversion application.

The issues boiled over in 2016, in the island-state where Guan Eng was chief minister for ten years till last May.

If Pakatan lost on May 9, there would be no betting man on the island or on its mainland settlement, Seberang Perai, wagering Guan Eng would have escaped jail.

The case was straight forward, in terms of proving guilt. Continue reading “Lim Guan Eng Should Apologise”

No Easy Days For Ministers

For Syed Saddiq, the enormity of the task is dawning upon him.

It’s impossible, governing.

Fortunately, for the last thirty years, ministers never had the problem.

Well fortunate for them, but not for the people.

Most of them, just sat around for photo-ops, and others went about the business of taking care of themselves.

Then in cycles, the obtuse ministers would say or do a massively unpopular thing and when faced with criticism, would tell the public to just suck it.

“I’m a minister because the prime minister likes me, and as long as I am of value to him, I’m really not bothered what random urbanites think of me.” Continue reading “No Easy Days For Ministers”

Memorable Quotes Since Election Day

Wins in term of quotes which can be repeated.

“Australia will miss him even if, right now, his own people might not.”

Tony Abbott, (May 10, 2018) ex-PM of Australia on Najib Razak in the aftermath of Malaysia’s historical election.

“We can’t say ‘abracadabra’ and everything will happen. It takes time.”

Mahathir Mohamad, (May 13, 2018) when explaining why the full Cabinet announcement is taking time. Continue reading “Memorable Quotes Since Election Day”