Guan Eng & Arul (Two Malaysian Kids Growing Up In The Heart Land)

The new finance minister, very different from the old one.

Lim Guan Eng could have held back the punches.

It was beneath the office to call Arul Kanda “utterly dishonest and untrustworthy”.

1MDB is under major scrutiny from multiple government agencies, mainly law enforcement, and therefore the minister of finance, could have oozed class.

[Still, better than the kiss-up statements from MOF before this general election]

Look, the man has served jail time, harassed by the government and perpetually prosecuted in court and life, so I am going to say, it’s a lot of restraint not to have gone ballistic when offered the opportunity. Continue reading “Guan Eng & Arul (Two Malaysian Kids Growing Up In The Heart Land)”


The Five-Man Cabinet, For Now

Mahathir is a bit unclear at his latest PC

Only 3 names revealed.

Mahathir Mohamad began by saying — at his press conference — seven more will be named later, and was adamant there should be no deadlines set on something so important.

He then alluded to a final 25 ministers in the cabinet.

That too has no deadline. Continue reading “The Five-Man Cabinet, For Now”

The leader of will

You have to hold your breadth and maybe your disbelief when someone opens up the NEP (New Economic Policy) debate at a late dinner in Chilli’s Midvalley.

Surprisingly it ended up being fairly amicable.

There were two strands of thought. The veered away – that the policy started with many noble intentions and was necessary in the climate it came into beingĀ  and has borne some tangible and longstanding benefits to the nation – however in the last twenty years or so has been sabotaged by the Umnoputras for self-engrandisement. Continue reading “The leader of will”